Her Alpha by K. S. Martin


May 17, 2013
K. S. Martin
Paranormal Romance

I wonder why Rae’s father never consider introducing her to her half-sister to give them a chance to know each other that was just one hole in the story that I would have liked to have seen filed but other than that I really like this book after all this is the second time I have read this book.

Book’s Blurb
Rae is cast into a world of weirdness when her half sister is suddenly killed. She is told that she is to carry on the family bloodline of werewolf alpha, choose a mate and change into a werewolf all in one day. Rae is worried that she is losing her mind with all of the sudden weirdness but her father, the current alpha is not giving her any choice. Rae only hopes that she comes out of it sane and alive.

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