Her Boss The Alpha by K. S. Martin

  Heat Rating  ♥♥♥

October 8, 2013

I only gave this book two stars I had a hard time staying with it and finishing. I was so slow moving and I just wanted to get it done. Plot was pretty good but the story itself was slow and boring.

I am sorry as I really like all the other books from this author that I have read.

Maybe if I read it again on the future it will be better on the second pass.

Book Cover Rating  ☆☆☆

Book’s Blurb
Jake has stalked her for a year, ever since she came to his office for an interview. His body reacted to her scent immediately and all he’d wanted to do since was muss up her immaculate suits and tidy hair. This woman, his mate, is so focused on her work that she barely knows that he is alive. Not only is going to make her realize that he is alive but he is going to claim her, just as soon as he can trust her with his secret and his safety.

When Lauren’s car has a flat tire, the boss fixes it for her then demands payment in the way of having dinner with him. He is large, scary and way too intense for her tastes but who would have the nerve to tell him no? He follows her home and even though her body aches for him, she knows that intimacy never ends well for her. Jake promises her that she will not only enjoy it, but that he can make all of her dreams come true.

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