Prey (Pride Riders #1) by Kassanna


March 2, 2014
Flavorfullove Unlimited
Word Count
23,350 est.
Author’s Page

This is the second time I have read this ebook since I purchased it and I still got really sucked into the story line. Nae the newbie bounty hunter going after the big bad biker lion sounds outrageous, but it was well written.

It must have been the cat fight at the beginning of book where Nae has to fight off the psycho lioness that thinks she’s all that, lol yeah right, Nae has her beat.

I will undoubtedly read this book again. 😉

Book’s Blurb
Even a predator can become the prey.

Nae McCain enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. As a bounty hunter she’d never failed to get her man. Until her boss assigns her a new case.

Eldridge “El” Kuhne has done what ever necessary to protect his pride. He understands there might be repercussions for some of his decisions. But when his consequences comes in a lithe package with skin the color of deep bronze and a scent of sugared ginger. He’s prepared to accept his fate.

The same forces that thrust them together now threaten to snatch them apart. And the sins of a brother could cost El everything.

Words: 23,350 (approximate)

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