Sudden Desire by Lauren Dane


June 9th 2006
Ellora’s Cave
Author’s Page

Trevor Ryan is n actor who doesn’t appreciate what he has in his PA, Tess until she up and quits (good for her) then he realizes she means more to him than he bargained for. The sex scenes alone make this book worth five stars I am giving it but I wish she had developed the characters a little more because otherwise it just people boinking. She does a nice job of writing descriptive foreplay scenes. I may have to read this one again, out loud 😉

Book’s Blurb
Tess Marshall has finally had it with her boss, spoiled but handsome actor Trevor Ryan. She quits and heads off to Lake Cushman for some much-needed vacation far away from phones, televisions and civilization. But Trevor realizes that he needs Tess and shows up on the doorstep of her cabin, demanding another chance. It’s then that he realizes just how beautiful and sexy the woman he’s had under his nose for two years is.

Their mutual attraction is incendiary and the next four days are filled with lovemaking and a deepening of emotion for both. They step into territory dangerous to Tess’ heart. She knows she loves Trevor and can’t settle for being his bit on the side but Trevor isn’t ready for forever.

Tess knows what she wants and it’s not to be a back door secret lover or second-best to Trevor’s career or any other women. What remains to be seen is whether Trevor can get his priorities straight before it’s too late and he ends up losing her forever.

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