The Cull: Protected by the Alpha by Renee George


May 18, 2014
Author’s Page

I started this book this morning while I was on a trip. I unloaded the students at ten to one and forty minutes later I was distracted by a noise, my students had returned. I had lost track of time because I was so engrossed in this book (that was embarrassing as I am usually ready with the motor running before the kids ever hit the bus doors, not today).

I absolutely love books that are so well written that you can almost feel what the characters are feeling and Renee delivered this for me in both of her books in this series. There were a couple of times I wished I was at home with my husband and a couple of times when I wished for a punching bag although Tom Ellis (I never saw that coming, by the way) to punch at would have been good to.

I also think it is really amazing how Renee can get so much into her short stories 🙂

I look forward to the next book 🙂

Book Cover Rating
I feel like I am sitting on a fence about this cover. On one hand it does match the story but on the other hand it is really busy.

Book’s Blurb
Braden Jackson wants Eve Taylor from the moment he sees her, naked and confident, strolling around the tribe’s lands in the Ozark Mountains. The newly culled female is the most beautiful woman—or lycanosapien—he’s ever seen.

There’s only one problem.

And his name is Tom Ellis.

The first generation lycan has more muscles than brains, not to mention some serious control issues when it comes to the human woman he culled.

Eve has finally escaped the unrelenting stalker who destroyed her life, and she’s grateful to Tom for giving her a new start within the lycan tribe. But it’s Braden who inspires her sparks-flying, inhibition-melting, mate-taking lust. It’s easy to want him—and helluva lot harder to risk her hard-won freedom to have him.

But when Eve’s life is threatened again, Braden will do anything to protect the woman who’s captured his heart.

Even if it means sacrificing his own.


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