Mindy’s Mail Order Husband by Cia Leah


Published May 14, 2014
Pages 53

Cia Leah most certainly knows how to write her historical romances. Her Mail Order books really show case her talent.

I have to say I think my favorite character was Scuffy. And my favorite part in this book is when Scuffy blushes 🙂 during the conversation about consummating Mindy and Brett’s marriage, hehehe, that part was very well written. I am also glad that Scuffy was a great shot with a rifle.

Book’s Blurb
Sweet western romance short story.

Mindy Sue Tanner had no choice but to advertise for a mail order husband. Her pa passed on a year before and the ranch was in disrepair with her ranch hands refusing to take orders from her. She needed a husband at her side who could make the ranch prosper once again and a man to love her and build a life with. When Brett Connors showed up to marry her, she wondered if he was only marrying her for her ranch or if he truly wanted a life with her.

Brett Connors was tired of his life working for his father. He needed wide open spaces and a woman to love and care for. He wanted a home and family and not living his life stuck under his father’s thumb. When he saw Mindy’s advertisement for a mail order husband, he felt she was the right woman for him and she owned a ranch.

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