Millie’s Second Chance (The Town of Pearl #4) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer


September 28, 2012
Siren Publishing
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When Millie’s violent ex-boyfriend gets out of prison early, thanks to his seduction of his therapist and her current boyfriend dumps because he is a first-class jerk, she does the only thing she can do. She runs to Pearl and her friends, Anna and Stacy, but trouble isn’t far behind and never minding the five Lewis brothers who are determined to make her theirs.

There are a lot of things that I like about Dixie Lynn Dwyer’s books and two of those are the strong female characters that even though they may be feeling week at the moment, they manage to keep fighting back. The second thing I like is that she can seriously create one hell of a bad guy, the sadistic nature of Frank was off the chart, and you could almost feel the evil coming out of the book when his scenes came up.

My favorite chapter was Chapter 8 which takes place in the dojo when Millie surprises the heck out of Dalton, Hank and Marco. Hahahaha that will teach Dalton to judge a book by its cover.

My favorite quote (yes, I actually have one this time, but it true fits what this whole series is about I think):

“It’s crazy, isn’t it? To come to this spectacular town and run from your troubles, the fear, the worry, and start over? To think that you’re alone in that fear, to find the fight within you and then get unexpectedly hit out of thin air by love, attraction, lust, if you want to call it that? To think that you could never have a relationship, never mind one with multiple men, and suddenly you’re considering it?”—Lena in Chapter 13.

I do wish that she had put more of the Lewis brother’s background into the books. I have notice that in this series there isn’t a lot of information the male characters, which would add depth to them and help us know them better. However, we do get to know and connect with the female characters. Other than that, this is a great story that will make you laugh, cry and want to show your aggressive tendencies.

Book’s Blurb
Millie Donovan is thinking of coming back to Pearl for a visit as her newest relationship destructs and her past comes back to haunt her, or rather kill her. Frank, the man who nearly killed her two years ago, is released from prison on good behavior after seducing his therapist. He wants his Millie, and he will stop at nothing, not even murdering innocent people, to get to her. Millie is no damsel in distress. She’s determined to not let Frank or her past mistakes destroy her new dream of starting over in Pearl. She’s learned that she deserves to be treated with respect, and damn it, she’s done with men altogether. Her new life doesn’t have the room for one. She’s been burnt twice before, and the third time is not going to happen. The Lewis brothers, Dalton, Hank, Marco, Jeremy, and Anthony, disagree. She’s the spark that lights their fires, and she’s about to realize that they want to be part of Millie’s Second Chance.

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