Diane (The Town of Pearl #6) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer


May 23, 2014
Siren Publishing
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This started out similar to Sage’s Story in that the story began in Pearl with a woman already living there. It seemed that we got more background this time on the men so I was able to understand them better and connect more with all the characters and not just Diane. I have to wonder if we will ever know Diane’s sisters’ story, that could be interesting too even if it does mean going back in time a bit.

The bedroom scenes were smokin hot and it was funny reading about the men’s reactions to Diane coming out of her shell. Especially when you could clearly see how painful Diane’s shyness was for her. In fact, I was surprised at the ended of the book because I honestly thought that Diane’s fear would get the best of her but I am glad she got to fight back, bet her men are too 🙂

We don’t really get to touch base with the other citizens of Pearl that we are familiar with but then I could see that they didn’t fit into the story line either so maybe in her book about Pearl, Texas.

Thank you, Dixie Lynn Dwyer for writing such an awesome series, where the women get to fight back against their fears, and those that mean to hurt them and for bringing light to those issues that confront a lot of women in this day and age.

Book Blurb
Diane Mercury’s love of lingerie and lust for one special agent and his two military brothers send her on a life-changing journey she never expected. She was bored, lacking in self-confidence until fate stepped in and gave her a push. Add in getting de-virginized by three men she’s fantasized for nearly a year, and yep, she’s feeling like she can accomplish anything. But she’s no secret agent, not a woman of adventure and danger unless in bed, with her men, Drake, Lucas, and Mark Santos.

So when she’s asked to be part of a photo shoot in New York the last thing she expects is to be shoved in the middle of her lover’s investigation. She’s held at gunpoint, a witness to numerous murders and some foreign terrorist wants her as a prize in revenge against agent Mark Santos. It will take Mark, his brothers Drake and Lucas, along with the agency, to keep their woman alive and bring down a monster.

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