Heartless (Regency #8) by Jaimey Grant


 The Duke of Derringer has one week to find a wife or lose his inheritance and his means of finding his cousin. And he will find both at any cost, the later will be easier than the first for who will marry a man known as Heartless.

Leandra Harcourt was born to her father’s mistress and when her mother died he brought her home to live with him. When her father dies his wife and son kick her out with nothing. While asking for help at an inn where the owner is refusing, a man step forward to say he will assist her if she will agree to be his wife.

I was so bored by the time I was quarter of the way through the book, that I almost deleted it. What the characters kept brining me back to it and I am glad they kept convincing me to come back to this book. You could feel Leandra and Derringer’s determination for their ultimate goals and the heart ache that it had put on Leandra.

The cover and blurb were equally as compelling as the book itself. Every time I would skim through my book list the cover would compel me pick up where I left off which is interesting because it is rather plain. And as was preparing to write this blog I had to re-read the blog and found myself wanting read this book again.

Jaimey Grant wrote a very compelling book and I look forward to reading her other works.

Books Blurb

Finding herself abandoned after the death of her father, Leandra Harcourt takes a chance on a dark stranger at a small inn. Married, she learns about her husband during his extended absences, discovering more truth and mystery than she ever could have dreamed. The Duke of Derringer is feared and reviled wherever he goes; he is a man not to be crossed. Finding himself suddenly in need of a wife only interferes with the plans he has already set in motion. Vowing to marry the first woman he meets, he stumbles upon Leandra Harcourt, desperate and alone. With only sporadic visits home, Derringer finds his wife intriguing, baffling, and oddly desirable. In her prosaic attitude and calm demeanor, he discovers a peacefulness that he’s never known in his life and knows he will never find again. While facing a nameless assassin, his search for his missing cousin intensifies. Little does he realize that in reaching his goal, his enemies may reach theirs, endangering his new bride as well.

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