Invasion of Hearts (Soldiers of Pearl #1) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer


September 5, 2014
Siren Publishing
Word Count
Author’s Page

Arebella went on the run with her family three years ago and now she is running on steam, working odd jobs trying to earn money to make it to the next town. When she hears about Second Chances she checks it out hoping that might be the next resting place because her family needs help but the town is full of ex-military and police and past experience says that is a bad thing.

Reno, Rex, Brock and Smith are adjusting to civilian life and are ready to settle down with that special someone and they think they have finally found her. When they discover she is terrified of men and in law enforcement and ex-military they set out to prove they are not like the men she has dealt with in the past.

I am rather disappointed in Dixie, her editing is usually so much better, but in Invasion of Hearts I found a number of spots that needed edited is spelling and missing words. They were also a few inconsistencies, for example in one scene Rex was there but in the very next sentence Rex became Reno and the later wasn’t even there. Which bring me to another major question, how can man’s balls be slapping the woman’s ass when she is on her hands and knees getting boinked from behind? Wouldn’t said balls be hitting something else?

Even with the above issues I was still able to enjoy Invasion of Hearts characters and story line. Dixie did an excellent job of bringing her characters to life and making the bedroom scenes smokin hot. Although in Invasion of Hearts there was also one really nice kitchen scene that will leave the reader panting.

Dixie, I am sorry about the low rating because I did like the story but I couldn’t over look there editing errors that I found.

Book’s Blurb
Arabella and her family are on the run. Mother, sister, daughter, aunt, bread-winner, and Arabella is getting burnt out. She’s tired of showing off her body to get better tips, tired of using her martial arts skills to fend off aggressive men, and she’s tired of always looking over her shoulder and having nothing to look forward to, and is barely surviving. She’s got a niece and nephew, a sister and mom to feed, protection to provide, and a leadership role that is taking its toll.

A small inquiry, some helpful persistent women, the compassion of four retired military men, and a town filled with protectors, Arabella may just be able to save her family after all. Finding a second chance at a real life was never in the plan. Falling in love with four men who represent practically everything she’s been running from could be resolution to her own demise. But only if she can trust them enough to let them.

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