Cowboy Combo by T. Lee Garland


October 20th 2014
Dark Hollows Press

This book was given to me for an honest review by Dark Hollows Press

Piper has just taking a new job as a personal chef on a working ranch and her new bosses are smokin hot and she is willing to play and hopefully she won’t lose her job in the process.

Sam and Shane need a new cook and house keeper so the hire one off the internet and hope for best. What they get is a little cyclone named Piper and they plan to keep her.

Where to begin? The editing wasn’t too bad I can count the mistakes I found as I read on one hand so listing them would be too easy. The only error that I saw that I will make stink about is the character switching. It makes me absolutely nut s when I am into a book and it is smooth reading and I come across a scene one character is there and then in the very next sentence it is the other character. There were two such scenes in this book. How can Sam come inside Piper when Shane is the one doing the boinking? Ugh, that drives me absolutely bonkers never mind wrecking the scene.

When T Lee Garland was describing her characters, she did a pretty good job of making Piper reckless with the way the woman drove her truck then dove into bed with man she just met without the use of protection. But for the twins the descriptions didn’t feel like they matched their actions. For example, in the beginning, I figured it would be Shane who took Piper to bed first because he seemed more outgoing and interested but instead it was Sam who seems the more serious “She’s here to work” attitude. Also, I think the story would be better if the threat that came at the end had been more prevalent early on.

I think the best part of this whole book were the sex scenes but even those could use some tweaking i.e. make the foreplay more graphic and last longer.

Overall, not one I will probably ever read again but it does have some potential.

Book’s Blurb Rating
Short, sweet and to the point just the way I think a good blurb should be.

Book’s Blurb
Sam and Shane are twin brothers who own The Smoking “S” Ranch. When they hire a personal chef they expect “Aunt Bea” from Mayberry but what they get is petite and sassy Piper. She takes one look at the hot duo and knows she wants them in her bed. The brothers know a good thing when they see and taste it and no way are they letting her out of their lives or their bed. But the brothers have a secret and trouble soon looms. Can this spunky little girl save the day and keep her new found loves?

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