Once Mated Twice Shy by K. S. Martin


November 21, 2013
K.S. Martin

Jordan and Colette have loved each other since they were teenagers but somewhere along the line their relationship fell apart. Now she fills alone and unwanted by him and by the pack. He is finally Alpha and he wants his mate back by his side and in his bed. But he is going to have to fight hard to win her heart back and when an attack on Colette leaves her broken, he realizes he may have very well of lost his chance

I have read this book three times and every time I get all teary eyed when Colette confronts Jordan on his misdeeds, it so sad. I think my favorite part is when she scrounges up her courage and lambastes the pack for wanting Jordan to step down.

The bedroom scenes aren’t steamy but they are sweet and tender and do deserve the heat rating they will get.

With Once Mated Twice Shy being one of my favorite books it saddens me greatly to give it less than four or five stars but with the number of editing errors, I must give it a two-star rating.

Book Cover Rating
Doesn’t really fit Once Mated Twice Shy’s story line in anyway

Book’s Blurb
Colette mated Jordan Giroux when she was fifteen years old. Their parents thought that it was a good idea not to stop them and decided it would calm them both down. At the time, they were both running wild. They were so in love that it was legendary. Since he got it into his head that he wanted to be the Summerville Pack Alpha they’ve grown apart. When he rejects her it seems that the pack is more important to him. Will he figure out that she’s worth it? A bigger question is can she forgive him for making the pack more important than her. The two wolves that loved bigger than any in the pack must find their way back to each other because neither is whole without the other.

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