Lara’s Last Journey (One More Time #2) by Mya Larose

July 1, 2014
Siren Publishing
Word Count

I was given Lara’s Last Journey for an honest review by Manic Readers

Lara has been dreaming of an Ottoman Prince for some time and on the night of her best friend’s wedding she has a dizzy spell and crashes her? She wakes up 492 years in the past to the very Prince she has been dreaming about. With no way to get back to her time she sets out to acclimate to life with her dream man.

Pasha Suleyman finds his dream woman in his bed and can’t control his desire for her only to find that she belongs in the future and he has no intentions of letting her go.

Lara’s Last Journey was a pretty fast read with some steaming bedroom and bath scenes. I think Mya Larose has a very creative imagination but her editing of her work is leaving me cold and messing with her stories.

This time the editing was so bad that I lost count after awhile, and some of the mistakes were so huge that it will be hard for most readers to over look including the part where she says she is from 2013 and then later she says 2014. And two of the worst one in my opinion was the following two paragraphs.

Those two words from him made me instantly wet. That man could say anything and her pussy would unleash her sweet nectar.

She jumped slightly, “Suleyman! I don’t need a woman servant. I can occupy himself when you’re away.” She frowned.

If Lara’s Last Journey is ever edited, I would like a chance to re-evaluate it as I do think that Mya is very creative and does deserve the chance to change my rating.

Book’s Blurb
There are some loves that are too strong to derail or escape from. Being a passionate, independent woman is something to be proud of…unless you are alone at night and your dreams are haunted. Lara Dunups always felt like she was born in the wrong era. Her dreams were constantly haunted by the same man from the past. During a short drive, she feels dizzy and slips into darkness, only to wake up in a bedroom in the year 1521. Pasha Suleyman was the third son of Sultan Hasan I in the Ottoman Empire. A man devoted to serve and protect his father, his heart secretly yearns for the woman who monopolizes his dreams. Until one evening, when he closes his eyes and makes a wish. Can a woman from the future make it in this newfound era? And can Suleyman protect his beloved from his foe? Be careful what you wish

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