The Hob (Gray Court #4) by Dana Marie Bell


January 22, 2013
Samhain Publishing
Author’s Page

Michaela Exton is a Pediatric Nurse who has been obsessed with The Hob her entire life. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that he not only exists but that he belongs to her as well.

Robin Goodfellow has been hoping he would find his truebond for a long time and now that he has found her, how will he keep her safe and alive despite Shane Dunne’s prophecy? Especially, when she does crazy things; like rushing in to save a Red Cap’s life.

I am so glad this was one of the books that I was reading ‘for me’ because I got to really enjoy it my first time reading it. And I have to ask, how in the world does Dana write bedroom scenes that make even my phone (where my reading app is located) get all steamy? Wow, I think need to buy a fan to keep on hand when reading the bedroom scenes.

Even though Dana’s attention the detail is nearly flawless most of the time I need to know who is really older Shane or Leo? They seem to trade off being the older sibling from one book to the next. Other than that the characters vibrant personalities carry over from one book to the next consistently. I really enjoyed reading Robin’s reaction to Michaela’s head long rush into what he perceived as dangerous situations and her ability to manipulate him into her getting her way.

Favorite Quote
“I’m certain thousands live in fear of your mighty fists of death.”—Robin

Book Cover Rating
I really do like the cover. The clothes are something I could picture the hob wearing, although I think if the Hob were posing for a picture, he would have a more mischievous grin on his face to mask his more serious side but then again when you look at the fact that he is Oberon’s Blade this picture does fit best with the story line.

Book Blurb Rating
When I read the books blurb, I could sense that it is well thought out and worded in a way to give you just enough teasers to wet the imagination and get you excited about reading the book.

Book Blurb
When the Black Queen kidnaps one of the White Queen’s nephews, Robin Goodfellow is sent to ensure that the young prince safely returns to the bosom of his family. True to his role as Oberon’s Hobgoblin, he is ready for anything…except meeting his truebond, the very delicious, very human Michaela Exton.

Michaela has dreamed about a flame-haired rogue named Robin Goodfellow since she was a little girl, but everyone knows Puck doesn’t really exist. In real life, it’s a dark-eyed man named Ringo who makes her heart beat faster.

She is closer to her dream man than she thinks, and nobody knows it better than Robin, who wears the guise of Ringo. But there’s competition for her love in the form of Lord Raven, who holds a secret that will rock the foundation of Robin’s world. As a Black Court delegate does the unthinkable, leaving an enraged, grief-stricken Robin hanging onto his humanity by a thread, only Michaela has the power to bring him back from the killing edge—if she survives.

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