Betting on His Mate by M. L. Briers


April 6th 2014

Kiera is visiting her friends when a man tries to pick her up in the bar. She has sworn of men and tells him no but he can’t seem to take the hint.

Callum has found his mate and she shot him down and added to that she is with the Fae that he has been less then friendly with. His friend Cyrus bets he can’t get her to mate with him.

Cyrus who has been waiting patiently for his mate to figure things out makes a bet with his friend, Callum and thinks he needs to win at all cost.

Terri is a Fae who just found out her mate is a vampire and that he has waited for six months for her to figure it out for herself.

Caren is a Fae who is having fun watching her two best friends wade through the maze of having mates and thinks she is getting off easy since there is no mate in sight for her.

I rather enjoyed some parts of Betting on His Mate but others definitely came up short. The characters were funny and kept me entertained with their Junior High antics. However there needs to be a lot of editing for missing words and sentences that made no sense and could use some rewriting.

Book Cover Rating
The cover could use something different because it looks more like a book report cover the a book cover.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb could also use a bit of work because this book is not only about Callum which is what is implied, I mean Kiera is his mate after all she should have more of a mention in the blurb and her name isn’t even mentioned. Then there are Cyrus and Teri who also seemed to have equal time in the book and they were ignored as well.

Books Blurb
Callum had found his mate, but it was never that easy. She was a human for one thing and if that wasn’t enough, her friends were Fae. Then he went and added a damn bet with a vampire to the mix. A vampire he knew he should never have trusted to play fair. And Callum’s life became a whole lot more complicated…

Callum had to win the wager and his mate and keep her safe from… himself. One moment of madness and he feared he had lost everything!

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