Betrayed by His Pack by A. B. Lee


September 2013

Shay is asked by her Queen to go onto pack lands and help a wolf couple conceive a child before the she-wolf turns feral. Shay wishes she could say no because the pack belongs to Ryan the Blackheart who hates the Fae. But if this will bring good will and maintain the peace she is willing to try. When she arrives on pack land she is greeted by the pack Beta’s and Tasha the woman she is there to help, but no Alpha. Unable to resist the mischief she basically calls the Alpha a chicken.

Ryan is royally hosed by the challenge that the Fae threw down and storms off to her cabin to kick her ass, but before he ever gets there the smell of her potion over powers his sense smell so when he burst in and grabs her by neck ready to strangle her to death he has no idea he is about to kill his future until he smells her blood, then he drops her and runs.

Now Shay is trying to help a she-wolf conceive a very wanted child, a mate who tried to kill her and another she-wolf who wants the Alpha for his title.

Betrayed by His Pack is not a very long read and can be finished in a day or so, with its entertaining characters it is well worth the time and energy. In my case it was worth the time and energy three freaking times so I guess I should add it to my list of favorite books. I am sure you will enjoy the hot, sexy bedroom scenes and there is even a steamy shower scene for those who like it standing up. I do wish that Shay had made Ryan grovel a tad longer but then I guess you can’t really fight that mating call for long.

Favorite Quotes
I saw several quotes that would have been fun to share but decided to hit on three that I really liked the most.

“Sniffing doesn’t always lead to biting and chewing, it sometimes leads to biting and sex…”–Darcy

“Says the dog that licks its own arse.”--Shay

“I know what you’re trying to do Darcy, and it’s not going to work. I’m going, and unlike you, a nice muscled body doesn’t equate to dropping my knickers at the earliest opportunity.”–Shay

Book Cover Rating
A real cover with some kind of art would be awesome

Book’s Blurb
The Fae call him Ryan the Blackheart, because he’s the Alpha that loves to hate all things Fae, but when a member of his pack desperately needs the Fea’s help, he reluctantly let’s one onto his land.

After the Alpha tries to kill her, Shay thinks things can only get better- how wrong can one witch be?

Ryan finds out that he isn’t the only one who hates the Fae within his pack, he’d already nearly killed the witch, but he’s not the only one out for her blood and with his own pack willing to betray him, can they keep the Fae from harm?

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