Hello Readers and Writer

Hello Everyone,

It has been some months since I post a brief little news update or anything so I figured I had better get one done. First I want to apologize to any author who is still waiting for a review, I start every book I receive right when I get it, and sometimes I finish them and sometimes I can’t get past the first couple of chapters but that doesn’t mean that I give up on a book or an author, that part takes me long while in most cases, I tend to skip to the middle to see if there is hope for the book and then will come back to it at a later time because my goal is to all ways read the complete book so the review is complete and honest, that and letting a hard working writer down really does suck because I know these reviews are important to them. That being said for those still waiting I am sorry for making you wait and for one other I need to apologize because her book got miss placed in a shuffle and was just recently found, she knows who she is as I sent her an email.

I do think that to streamline the process I am going to start giving myself a deadline but I am not sure how long that will be because once a book goes into the “I could not get into list” I delete it and that means no more attempts will be made to read this book. I want a fair and reasonable time so writers if you have a suggested time limit please let me know your feelings on this. I want 4 to 6 months before I add a book to the list. I may also be changing the title of the list to ‘Not my thing’ or something more positive because even though I can’t get into a book doesn’t mean someone else will feel the same way so I want help promote that book.

My reading schedule keeps getting thrown off by curve balls this year, the Holiday season I was prepared for but the general business of my work days of late and add in the unexpected training that I got to participate in during what would have been one of my many vacation weeks during the school year have truly limited my time so I am thinking that any serious reading time wont be had until I park my bus for the Summer break. Next school year will most likely be offering me more down time between routes as I will be losing my Mid day route which will leave me ample reading time between AM and PM route but I will miss the Mid day run and am still hopeful that there will be something to replace it.

I must go, time to get ready for work, I am driving a trip today and will have a lot of reading time today once I deliver the kids to their destination.

Happy Reading

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