Unbridled Temptation (Montana Double Riders #1) by Elle Saint James


March 25th 2013
Siren Publishing
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Unbridled Temptation was offered to me for an honest review by Manic Readers

Jocelyn’s chauvinistic, egoistical jerk of a father has bullied and ordered her to find her nineteen year old sister, Jenna, pushing her to do things she finds distasteful. The one lead she has leads her to an old west park where she decides to kill two birds with one stone by taking a day for her-self to explore the town which she wants to do and if she is lucky get near a computer just long enough to find information on the wayward sister’s boyfriend. Her plans change slightly when she meets Logan and Kendall.

Logan and Kendall fall hard for the charming Ms Demarco but that quickly grows to suspicion and distrust when they learn she could very well be the person that has twice hacked their computer system. When she returns to them there are tears and near miss on some really hot and steamy bedroom scene.

Wow, so I scrambled for the last two days to get Unbridled Temptation read, what with all the curve balls my schedule has thrown at me the last few weeks I am surprised I finished another book in the nick of time and now here I am undecided on where I wish to begin. Do I start at the slow beginning or the unrealistic speed at which our characters fell in love with each other? Hmmm decisions, decisions 🙂

I think we will start with the characters and my surprise that even though the characters are pretty shallowly written I was still able to connect with them. Let’s see what I learned about them, they are horny, they have jobs and can all have jobs but are also well moneyed, they want sex, one of the men has a mercenary for a brother, and Jocelyn is a computer security specialist or hacker. So shallow isn’t exactly the right phrase to use but to fall in love after two separate sexcapades seems a bit unrealistic because really? Who does that? But then I couldn’t stop reading once I got past the first couple of chapters, go figure, maybe it’s the fact that I found only one spot that required an edit, or maybe it was the really hot sex scenes. Hmmm, guess I will just have to read Unbridled Temptation again to decide what it is about this book that had me entranced.

Book’s Blurb
Jocelyn Demarco has gone to great lengths searching for her runaway sister, including something she swore she’d never do. Taking a single day off to relieve some stress from her journey and also to enjoy her passion for history in an Old West–themed town, she finds sexy cowboys Kendall Forrester and Logan Pearson and can’t keep her lips off of either man. They take the occasion to tie her up and control her sexual bliss, teaching her about the pleasures they enjoy. Being bound and blindfolded becomes her newly discovered satisfaction.

Confirmed bachelors Kendall and Logan never thought they’d find a woman who would make them ache at her departure. They’ve never wanted to settle down until Jocelyn came along. After she leaves, they discover her deception. Will their wickedly dark and sexy lifestyle intrigue Jocelyn enough to come back to Montana for another taste, or will the secret they’ve discovered keep them from trusting her to pursue a future?

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