Hello Everyone

Are you ready for Summer? I know I am counting down the days until my bus is parked for the Summer although rumor has it that my bus barn will be getting those new propane school buses in the Fall so my bus will be made into a full time trip bus/spare. I prefer transit buses but I will handle the new conventional as the professional that I am.

On the reading and reviewing front, I am currently editing a couple of books for a really amazing story teller and I can’t wait to read her finished books. I have another author who has also asked me to edit for her as well and I look forward to hers as well as I read the first book and want to know what happens next. I will be getting another visit from an author who has already visited with us here, he will put in a visit in July with his next book. I am also working up the nerve to ask one of my faves for an interview this Summer.

I will be adding more books to my TBR list soon and of course to my ever growing I WANT LIST but with all the free time that Summer offers me I am hopping to get my TBR list down to maybe one or two books (yeah right, in my dreams)

Well that’s all I have for now, happy reading.

Laura Lu

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