What a Wolf Wants (Black Hills Wolves #2) by Heather Long


January 16, 2015
Decadent Publishing
Paranormal Romance
Author’s Page

I was given What a Wolf Wants for an honest review by Manic Readers

Saja’s car broke down in the middle of nowhere in the Black Hills just a storm is about to hit. She could freeze to death before she gets help, but she gets lucky when someone walks but then she has to go a point a gun at him.

Ryker lives apart from his pack, he felt it was needed to save his pack from the punishment of his old dead Alpha. The new Alpha had untied his hands and thankfully wasn’t a sadistic ass hat like his father. His new Alpha was fighting to rebuild the pack. When Ryker here’s hears a car break down he goes to investigate only to have his mate pull a gun on him and mating with humans is against the law.

So far almost every book I have read in this series has started out slow and boring and then picks up near the middle and this book was no different. I liked that more characters were introduced and that the Alpha had his part but I wish there was more to the story. I wish I could find something that stood out but to be honest the book was just ok with nothing standing out to recommend it except that it had very few edits and the cover which rocks.

Book’s Blurb
He runs alone…

Ryker Grey is used to being on the outside looking in. For more than fifty years, he has worked as Pack Enforcer for the Black Hills Wolves, rising to his rank swiftly. Compelled by duty and devotion to his people, he fought to keep them protected from within and without—earning a few enemies and fewer friends. Drew’s return has sparked healing in the fraying pack, but Ryker remains vigilant.

She needs a place to call her own…

Saja Lyons has spent her life studying cultures, but never really being a part of them. Completing a double specialty in psychology and sociology, she decides to take the three months after her graduation to find herself on a cross-country drive. She embraces the nomadic road trip until her car breaks down on a deserted stretch of road in the middle of nowhere South Dakota.

Two lonely lives collide in the cold…

Ryker catches Saja’s scent from a mile away, loneliness edged in fear, frustration, and utter femininity. He approaches her in order to lend her a hand and get her out of the pack’s way…the sooner she’s gone from Los Lobos, the safer the pack will be. When their gazes meet, her playful hostility arouses the hunter in him, and for the first time in fifty years, the enforcer tastes what it’s like to not be alone…

But what if the best thing that ever happened to him is a danger to the Black Hills Wolves?

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