Artistic Vision (Gray Court #3) by Dana Marie Bell


November 22, 2011
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Paranormal Romance
Author’s Page

“The child of Dunne will one day perform an act that will change our world”

I would say that it is pretty obvious that the child in question is Shane Dunne and after reading this one I have to say I have new question: What does the Black Queen want with not just Shane but all the Dunne’s? That was what I was left with at the end of this book but I am jumping ahead and I apologize but I just finished it so the end is very fresh in my mind.

Reading how Shane was trying to “woo” his mate was as very creative as his art work. Akane really just couldn’t walk away from the puzzle that was her “Jethro” or her puzzle box. I never knew dragons were addicted to puzzles.

I have to say I was really surprised by one twist in the story that I didn’t see coming and it wasn’t the fact the that the Hob had a child as he probably has several but as I don’t want to give that much of the book away, I will say I never expected one of the Hob’s children to be a bad guy. And then of course Cecilia and Henri, I sure hope they aren’t first cousin ’cause that has way to much icky eww to go a long way.

As I was reading I came across an inconsistency which is an anomaly in this book that I don’t think I have seen in any of Dana Marie Bells books. Dana’s attention to detail is phenomenal when it comes to the worlds she creates so I was actually surprised. So now to tease one of my favorite authors by asking (and yes I have to ask because I can’t resist); when did Leo become the big brother? I thought Shane was the older brother and Leo the older brother? 😉 Seriously though it does not take away from the story line in anyway, the characters are still compelling, sex scenes are smokin hot (no pun intended) between the Dragon, Akane and the Sidhe Lord/Leprechaun, Shane and the story line will leave eyes glued to the book much to your significant others consternation.

Favorite Quotes

“Mea culpa. Sue me, but he was uglifying the place.” –Jaden

“Just finishing up some work before we face off with the Dork Brigade.”—Ruby

Book Blurb
Akane Russo, one of the Hob’s top Blades, can’t wait for her current assignment to end. She’s been tasked with protecting Shane Dunne from the Malmayne clan’s scheme to kidnap him once again. But no one—not even her Seer half—warned her she’d have to protect herself from his heated gaze. Or that her dragon half would find him an irresistible puzzle.

Shane knew his destined bride would never come to him willingly, but she’s stuck with him and he plans to use her predicament to his advantage. It’s only a matter of time before she succumbs to what they both want. Their Claiming will be beautiful beyond even his wildest imaginings—and his wild, free dragoness will finally see herself as he sees her.

Then his unique, hybrid-borne visions reveal a new danger. The prophecy of the Child of Dunne can only be fulfilled down a path he must travel alone. To a place so dark and dangerous that even his truebond’s flame may not be bright enough to lead him home.

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