Passion In Portland

With AJ Harmon

I had such a wonderful time this last Saturday, with my daughter, Kara, and her friend Katie. Our adventures took us to the Passion in Portland where we met so many amazing authors and spent way more than our usual book allowances, only to go home and purchase even more books in my case. Needless to say my ever growing TBR list got bigger but on the good side my I WANT list got a tad smaller (at least for now).

With Melody Anne

Our master plan was everyone buys a different book so we can borrow from each other and for the most part I think we stuck with that as we wonder from booth to booth and back again. Katie Won a drawing that furnished her with even more books and luckily there were no duplicates of the ones she had already purchased, although both Kara and I would have been then happy to help her with that issue if it had arisen.

I very was excited about meeting the ones whose books I read Like Melody Anne, Brandy L. Rivers, Eliza Gayle and especially AJ Harmon, whom I had chatted with on Facebook. I also got to meet several authors I had never heard of before like Laura Lee whose energetic personality as well as her name had me engrossed in conversation for a while and I am looking forward to reading Pixie Dust. Then there were a couple of authors whom I hadn’t heard of or so I though until I got home and started my online shopping spree and discovered that I already had books by like Cassia Leo whose book I went back for only to discover that it had been sold out (you snooze you lose) but I did get it from Amazon and it now resides on my e-reader with her other book so now I have the Taste For Power boxed set which I purchased last year and Unmasked box set.

AJ Harmon and Heather Carver during the drawing

We stayed for the after party dinner but left before the karaoke started as the girls said that they needed alcohol for that part (according to them that would be the only way they would sing) but since they drove and I am temporarily not allowed to driver that far

Kara and Katie checking out Katie’s drawing prize

they refrained hehehehe oh wait maybe I should be saying to bad and giving sad face. Hmmmm. But they both agreed that next year we will be staying for the karaoke. That should prove highly entertaining for me especially with video of their shenanigans as evidence šŸ˜‰

Thank you so much AJ Harmon and Heather Carver for all of your hard work in bringing this amazing event to our spectacular part of the world. We are looking forward to next year’s Passion in Portland.

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