Close to Rogue by A. B. Lee



Rebecca has been living out of her car on a diet of popcorn but she is free of the system. A run in with a rogue wolf and a man who turns into a wolf send her racing for the safety of her car lands her into the arms of the very man that turns into a wolf. Now the question is will she die with her v-card intact or live to be the mate of an almost rogue Alpha?

Tyler’s mother and sister were killed by rogue wolves and now he is on the hunt for those very rogues not for his mate.
He is so close to being rogue himself that he almost misses the connection but now he not only has to fight for his humanity but also the love of a human.

I chose Close to Rogue because I have read this book before and found it entertaining the first time around and was hoping that it could help me get out of this profound feeling of lose that has invaded my soul since my daughter’s death but alas the ability to escape was limited. It had just the right amount of steamy hot sex scene to go with an actual story line but I just couldn’t connect with the characters or the story line, this could be because of my sadness so it could be that Close to Rogue is not the right read for my current state of mind or it was just an okay book to begin with and didn’t stand a chance in my current state of being. Whichever the case maybe this story will deserve another reading if and when my state of being improves, I believe that would be a fair thing to do. In the meantime, I hope that the author will take the time to correct any edits that this book has because some of them are whoppers. In the meantime, I hope that the author will take the time to correct any edits that this book has because some of them are whoppers although it is possible that the author has made updates as I did purchase this book back in December of 2014 and it is the edits in this version that are significantly impacting the overall rating.

Standout Editing Misses
In this one I am sure the author meant growled… Tyler glowed low and hard in his chest.

In this next one I had no clue plagued had other meanings… She plagued down the length of his thick cock until she met his fist.

Book’s Blurb
When his mother and sister are killed by wolves, Tyler leaves his pack to seek vengeance for their deaths. Back on pack land and with one wolf left in his sights, Tyler will use whatever means necessary to get the kill, Even if that means using a human female as bait.

Nathan is painfully aware that his Alpha is close to rogue when he decides to hunt the female down and kill her because she has seen to much.Nathan knows he must stop Tyler before he kills the female, not just because it is against their law, but because he knows once Tyler makes the kill he will be completely rogue.

The only thing that is standing in the way of him becoming rogue is Rebecca. Can the human female reach his humanity before it is too late?

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