Possessive Protectors (Triple Dare County, South Dakota #1) by Paige Cameron


August 21, 2012
Siren Publishing
Erotic Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M
Word Count

Natalie learns she is the prime suspect in her soon to be cheating ex-husband’s murder and the first thing she does is call her father. Her dad calls Gray Callahan, who happened to break her heart when they were teenagers, to defend her. She walks into his office and she clearly feels he got better with age and he couldn’t agree more in reverse. Gray is looking forward to his best friend meeting Nat because he is sure she is their one. When she meets Holt she can sense the man is dangerous and someone to avoid but her body thinks otherwise. Holt is in compete agreement with his friend but he can’t wait to make her theirs so he jumps the gun a bit almost blowing it. In order to secure their future Holt and Gray have to keep Natalie from going to prison for a crime she didn’t commit and find the really killer before he turns his sights on her.

I really liked how well written the characters were with their back stories that even included the back ground of county so I can’t really decide on a favorite character. I really enjoyed the gunfight that took place towards the end but I wasn’t happy about Holt being shot. I also liked that this book was able to hold my attention and suck me because lately that is hard to achieve with my mind wondering back to missing my little girl so thank you Paige Cameron for helping me take my mind off my sadness for a little while.

Possessive Protectors has a really fantastic story line and I really got into the suspense of who did what to whom not once but twice (yes this is my second or third time reading this story). I have only two major complaints but they aren’t the complaints that will ding the star rating over all. The first complaint has to do with the sex scenes. So imagine yourself reading along and really getting into the foreplay and thinking this would be a great one to read to your husband and all of the sudden you see ‘Take me’. Now maybe some of you don’t see my issue so I will explain why this cheesy out dated line makes me laugh there by ruining the whole mood. When I think of the phrase ‘take me’ coming out of a woman’s mouth during foreplay I am thinking that he ain’t doing his job right and she just can’t wait to get it over with so she is rushing him so she can go off to take care of herself. The second issue is a bit of a spoiler but I have to ask why would Nat leave her injured man, who just took a bullet to go boink her other man. I mean how can she even concentrate on having sex with one of her men hurt.

Book Cover
I like the cover for the most part but I can’t help thinking the models are a little young based on the characters ages they should look a little older not like they just got out of high school.

Book’s Blurb
Natalie Newlyn’s almost-ex-husband is killed. She becomes a suspect. Natalie’s father hires attorney Graydon Callahan. Gray was Nat’s first crush. When she meets him, and his investigator, Holt Ramm, she’s surprised by her body’s reaction.

Gray was born and raised in Triple Dare County and arranges for her to stay at his cabin, near her family, while he and Holt search for the real murderer. When Gray calls Nat and tells her she’s going to be indicted, her fear of imprisonment soars.

She’s bonded out and returns to Triple Dare. During this time, she sees Gray and Holt often. They want her for their wife. Nat isn’t sure she wants to marry again and especially not to two possessive men. She’s very independent.

When Gray and Holt discover the real killer, the danger to Nat and their one witness increases. Unexpected danger lurks, and Nat faces an uncertain future.

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