GHOST (The Lycan Series Book 1) by P. Gordon Lamb


January 6, 2015
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The last thing Sara wanted to do was accept an invitation to visit Glory, the woman had proven years ago that she was out for herself and had no problems sacrifices her best friend for her own gain. And yet her Sara is having decide between mating and death although mating Hawk would be no hardship, it the sex that scares the crap out of her, what if she has flash backs? What if she just isn’t able to give him what he wants? Then of course the threat to the pack could render all of her issue mute or he could decide that he would prefer another. She need not worry Hawk wants her more than she knows but it wouldn’t kill him to have opened his mind up to her sooner then maybe he could have caused her less pain after all hasn’t, she been through enough pain.

I have to admit to something about this book before I begin. Originally, I was sent Rogue, the second book in this series, for review and I had to write to the author to tell her that even though I loved the story line and would say that in a review it would not have had the star rating to back that up because of all the edits and that I couldn’t do that to a great story line. P. Gordon Lamb has worked very hard on Ghost to remove the editing issues and not only that has improved the story line.

In a lot of ways Ghosts stands apart from other shape shifter stories in that Ms. Lamb created her world based on her own picture of how the paranormal world would be if it existed the twilight series and then it was to prove how air headed Glory was and adding to the many reasons you won’t like Glory even a little bit. Seriously, I cringed every time Glory walked into a scene. Speaking of cringing, I also cringed at how Sara was treated like a doormat in some instances and how people could become cold and distant anytime she did or said something they didn’t agree with like when she wanted to continue her art. It’s not like she was sharing their secret for crying out loud.

As for what I loved about this book that would take more time and probably give away too much of the book so for the highlights. I really liked that the book started out focused very much on what to do about the fact that Sara knew their secret and that there had to be a decision about whether she could be trusted or not. Then from there transitioned into the romance between Hawk and Sara and then moved into the threat against the pack. Of course, there was the woman, Sheila, whom I have to say I dislike more than I dislike Glory if that is possible. But my absolute favorite character in Ghost would have to be Bandit, he is a bit of a mischief maker unless his family or pack are in danger and Hawk is right, he does need a mate of his own. Overall and awesome story now that most if not all the edits fixed and well worth the star rating, I am giving this book.

Favorite quotes

“Well, the amount did surprise me. However, I do not think he is worth a thousand dollars.”—Sara

“Let me remember. No, the fact is she whispered into my ear that if I started growing out of lust I would no longer have a rod behind my zipper.”—Hawk

Book’s Blurb
Sara knew that she should not trust Glory. Since that fated day Glory turned on her when they were in high school. As an artist Sara had fought for her independence from man and woman. Now that independence is threatened by the past offering her monetary survival. Glory always needing attention had no idea she was about to lose the pack’s attention by bringing a human like herself home to meet the Alpha, the Beta, and the pack. Sara’s fate was sealed as she discovered the truth of the Lycan world. Her ability to paint from memory alerted the Lycans of her knowledge of them. Now she had to face the Alpha and make her case for survival. Sara now had to choose what was important, life, independence, or love. By the time she makes her decision the Alpha will be challenged by an Ancient and the whole packs survival becomes an issue including Sara’s.

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