Wrath (New Species #6) by Laurann Dohner


March 6, 2012
Ellora’s Cave
Author’s Page

Wrath is positive he will never be able to be with a woman again, not after the perverts of Mercile used their masturbation machine to rape him while forcing him to watch naked women play with themselves to steal his sperm to sell. He hasn’t been free long enough to shake those memories and when he meets his Lauren he wants her so bad he can taste it but his fear of hurting her because of his flash back prevents him from claiming her.

While having dinner with her best friend, Lauren receives a call from her boss, ordering her to show a property. She wants to make rent so she goes and what thanks does she get? She gets nabbed by New Species who thinking she is boinking one of her co-workers whom she happens to think is lower than pond scum only nobody believes her right away but she is more than willing to help them capture her scumbag co-worker, especially since is gives her more time to spend with Wrath, the damaged New Species that makes her heart pound and her blood boil with his touch.

Laurann Dohner rocks it out again with Wrath and the word she has created with her New Species series which is my new all-time favorite. Damn the oral sex though not totally graphic was steaming up my tablet so bad I thought it would need to be stuck in the freezer since a cold shower would ruin it. Laurens abduction thought terrifying had some seriously funny moments thanks to her quick wit and smart ass mouth. Of course there is the awesomely amazing best friend Amanda who comes a crossed as desperate but who really just wants a solid loving relationship and I hope she gets it. I really thought it was cool how Shadow would explain things to Lauren when Wrath was too emotional to express himself and then there is the more serious part of this story and that is the repercussion on what happened to Wrath that has him concerned for Laurens safety and watching the struggle he goes through as gets closer to her is sweet and amazing to read.

I want to say for the record that I love this book and will probably read it for a third time at a later date but even though it is a five-star book in my opinion the edits yet again have dropped the rating but thankfully only but one star.

Favorite Quotes
This round there were several and as I try really hard to keep the quotes down to two or three it was really hard to pick which three I should use but I did choose and they rock.

“I’ll tell them you joined a nudist colony that worships women with big boobs. I’ll say a dozen sex-starved naked men grabbed you in a van and you’re doing the whole free love thing. They’ll enjoy that. When they start to bitch at me about how come I didn’t try to stop you, I’ll just tell them I was looking out for you by buying you a don’t-come-a-knocking-if-the-van-is-rocking bumper sticker. I’ll remind them how supportive I am.”—Amanda

“I’d rather die and I can promise you, if you unzip near me you’ll need a trauma surgeon after I am done with you.”—Lauren

“You’re really pathetic and repulsive. I can totally understand why a troll like you would have to lock a woman up and threaten to starve her to try to make her touch your ugly ass. No thanks. I’d rather eat my shoe.”—Lauren

Book Cover Rating
Given the number of shower scenes this cover really fits.

Book’s Blurb
Wrath volunteers to live and work outside Homeland, where he’ll once again be confined in a small space with other males. He was subjected to horrific abuse and conditioning and forced to view endless sex tapes of human females while chained to Mercile’s perverted machines. Wrath knows he’s too dangerous and emotionally damaged to ever be with a female.

Lauren has just been detained by three big, buff, well-armed men-New Species. One of them really catches her eye. He’s tall, sexy and . . . her new roommate, apparently. Having never met a man this spectacular, she decides to taste every inch of his amazing body. Wrath is definitely open to that plan. The sex is incredible and he gives her everything she needs-but he’ll only go so far. Something is holding him back.

Lauren has to make him unleash his desire and Wrath has to get past his fear if the couple wants any chance at a future together.

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