Jillian’s Job by Fran Lee


November 1, 2009
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc
Contemporary Romance

She is so done, it’s her birthday weekend and Jillian is flying off to Aspen to rescue that ass-hat she calls a boss. This is the last time because she is done with not having privacy or a life. First she is going to put a small dent in his credit card for messing with her birthday weekend.

When Mike’s personal assistant comes at his request to rescue him from the Barbie wanna be, he never expected her to show up with and engagement ring or looking like she was ready for seduction. When Jillian tells him to ‘take his job and shove it’ he does the only thing a man in his position can do to keep his best employee… He marries her while she is drunk out of her mind.

Jillian’s Job is well written in that it had no editing error that I could find but then as think on it that is the only truly positive thing I feel I can say about this story. The Characters are pretty two dimensional with no real substance, especially Mike. Jillian has her family and that helps flesh out her character but it leaves Mike in the dust. There was nothing that jumped out to impress upon me just how unhappy Jillian was with her job. Yeah, there were hints that Mike liked Jillian and that she clearly had it bad for him but no emotions jumped off the page.

I chose tore-read this book because I knew it was a short read and I liked it the first time I read, or at least I thought I did until went onto Good reads to see if I had rated it. I apparently gave it a two-star rating and as I think of that previous rating and my current feelings from this read and you know I think my feelings on the book are the same Two and half years later. This makes me wonder why I kept Jillian’s Job in my library.

Book’s Blurb
What good is a dream income, access to a private jet, all the perks that go with being Mike Furie’s überproficient personal assistant, if Jillian has no life? She wants a life with a man in it. And staying with overbearing, totally sexy, self-serving bachelor Mike will lead nowhere.

A trip to Aspen to “rescue” Mike from the clutches of the latest woman seeking to sink her claws into him, an excess of champagne to fortify her, and she tells him what she thinks of his high-handed tactics. She’s quitting. Again.

So how the hell did she end up in bed with him in a Tahoe honeymoon suite, naked? Why can’t she recall how her signature got on that marriage license?

Mike discovers talents he never knew Jill possessed. Now he has her right where he wants her. And he wants her again…and again. In his bed and under him. But it’s not all about the lust, and if he gets his way, Jillian won’t be leaving his side or his bed—ever.

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