P. Gordan Lamb, Author or The Pritchard Pack Series

Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I guest visit for a chat on Laura’s Lu, so I am really excited to welcome P. Gordon Lamb, the author of the Lycan series. I am currently in the middle of Rogue the second book in the series and with each page, I get more eager to read book three.

About P. Gordon Lamb

P. Gordon Lamb was born in 1954 in Lubbock, Texas. She married right out of high school and joined the family business at age eighteen. For forty years Phyllis has been part of a partnership in the automotive repair industry, roadside rescue service, novelty shop, snack bars, and restaurant business. Through the years, she has met many people who love to read and knows people can find pure entertainment when becoming the characters in books with their imagination. She has traveled much of the continental United States, but like most people believe there is no place like home in Texas.


(LL) Hello Phyllis, thank you for visiting with us.

(LL) When did you start writing?

(PGL) I started writing when I was in high school, but more for my own entertainment. Then I took time off to raise my family. I had a high school English teacher who encouraged me. I’ve never forgotten her inspiring words. That was a long time ago thinking I graduated in 1973. There, you’ve gone and done it, you got me to date myself.

(LL) You are only as old as you think or feel you are. I figure as long as I don’t think of Rock & Roll as just noise than I am not old. SOOOOO Rock On AC/DC, Sammy Hagar and Def Leppard Rock On.

(PGL) I hear you, but I grew up on country and still like the old stuff today. So, shoot me, I’m from Texas, the birth of the Honky Tonks. And excuse me, I am not knocking rock and like songs like “That Old Time Rock and Roll.” I really like all kinds of music if it tells the right kind of story.

(LL) Exactly right. I still listen to my parent’s music also but I also listen to my kid’s music as well, they get me and know what I will like. It’s good to be well rounded when it comes to listening to music.

(PGL) I agree.

(LL) What was your inspiration for the Pritchard Pack Series?

(PGL) I am a vivid dreamer at night when I sleep. The minute I wake up I write down what the dream was about and go from there. I have actually trained myself to dream by concentrating on subject matters. It can be romance, action, mystery, etc. I let my dreams build my characters. Once I woke up believing I was walking under water and could still breath without diving gear. The Pritchard’s were born that way, but I’m sure it began with the television. My family and I were watching a documentary on wolves. That night I dreamed about them.

(LL) I really like Hawk the best and it is a toss-up between Preacher and Bandit when it comes to which one I like the least although that may change as I delve into The Pritchard Pack, book 3 in the series. Do you have a favorite and a least favorite character?

(PGL) Preacher is my favorite, not because he is a gentle soul, but because his brothers seem to take from him and leave him in a lesser position. I think that is why he is so hard on others around him. Oops, maybe I gave too much away.

My least favorite is the sub characters. They seem to be hell bent on destroying the Lycan nation.

(LL) You mentioned being from Texas and your books locations are in other states, have you ever been to those states? How did you come to choosing those locations?

(PGL) I’ve been in every state west of the Mississippi except for Alaska, which I would love to see and do some fly fishing. East of the Mississippi I have missed Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. I haven’t been to Hawaii either. Out of the fifty states, I’ve only missed out on thirteen. I’ve always wanted to see Maine in the fall and who know, maybe someday.

(LL) I know there are three books in the series, will there be more?

(PGL) There are five books in the series. Two are still in edit mode. The sixth is in mapping mode bringing the adventure to the now grown children of Hawk, Preacher, and Bandit.

(LL) If you did write a fourth book what do you think your storyline would be?

(PGL) You will soon be able to find out. It will be released when a few more tweaks are completed. I will tell you it deals with a very handsome cousin of the Pritchard brothers. Chance Tucker has already shown up helping the Pritchard’s out. Look for him in “Engineering Heart.”

It is based in the Blue Ridge Mountains with two very unlikely characters falling in love only after they set out to help each other. That is all I can say least I give too much away.

(LL) I know you like writing paranormal romances, is that also your favorite reading choice as well?

(PGL) I like reading anything I can get my hands on. So, if I’m sitting in an office waiting and all there is to read is trade manuals I will read them too.

I even read stories from friends that is going nowhere. They are great at writing, but bad at story telling. The trouble is, they refuse to read anything of mine until I am willing to put it in print for the world to see. I do lean toward romance because I believe in happy ever after. I also write inspirational romance. I know that is a high bounce between paranormal and inspiration, but then there are my short stories in western romance. In time, I hope to get all of them out on the market.

(LL) I love the happy ever after myself especially if the characters can suck me into the point where I can see the characters in my head, kind of like a motion picture, do you have a favorite book and/or author?

(PGL) Yes, I do, I enjoy reading Dean Koontz and my favorite book is Breathless. I know the reviews were mixed, but I laughed at the little creature who popped the top on a jar of hot peppers and chugged it down only to realize it lit his mouth on fire. Dean brought the creature so alive and made the event funny. I could see a human doing that and though it would be painful, I think I might still laugh at their eyes growing large with the realization they had made a huge mistake. I can relax reading Dean’s books and be entertained too.

(LL) Sounds like a book I should check out sometime when I want to get out of the box I usually choose my books from.

(PGL) I know we are living in the electronic age, but I love to visit the libraries when they have their book sales to make room for new ones. I can pick up some great books at great deals. When I’m done with them, I donate them to the local retirement community center. I love it that people in their late eighties and nineties still love to read.

(LL) Thank you for visiting with me today and I hope you will visit again.

About P. Gordan Lambs Books


Sara knew that she should not trust Glory. Since that fated day Glory turned on her when they were in high school. As an artist Sara had fought for her independence from man and woman. Now that independence is threatened by the past offering her monetary survival. Glory always needing attention had no idea she was about to lose the pack’s attention by bringing a human like herself home to meet the Alpha, the Beta, and the pack. Sara’s fate was sealed as she discovered the truth of the Lycan world. Her ability to paint from memory alerted the Lycans of her knowledge of them. Now she had to face the Alpha and make her case for survival. Sara now had to choose what was important, life, independence, or love. By the time she makes her decision the Alpha will be challenged by an Ancient and the whole packs survival becomes an issue including Sara’s.

Purchase Link For Ghost


Steven Preacher Pritchard has left the Henderson Pack to help the Milan Pack track down and kill a Rogue Lycan. Preacher thought he was in love with Sara, his brother’s mate, but soon discovers the real love of his life. To get to her he has to side track the Alpha’s daughter who is determined to mate him. He also has to get past the Rogue who is determined to kill his new love. During the struggle it is discovered the Rogue as mutated a new form of Lycan that can bring the end to the Lycan community around the world.

Purchase Link For Rogue

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