The Billionaire Wolf Needs a Wife (Ranch Romeos #2) by Zoe Chant


August 31st 2015
Zoe Chant
Paranormal Romance
Author’s Page

Robin and her friend decide to sign up for email husbands while enjoying a night of drinking. She is surprised two years later when she receives a response with three conditions to which she agrees. After all Austin is the hottest guy she has ever seen.

The Billionaire Wolf Needs a Wife has a very good start that hooked me in right away but lost me in a few places. The chocolate chip cookie scene was really super-hot and got even better from there even if they had only met about ten minutes before that. I thought that the motorcycle was over the top but then it improved some when it turned into something sensually erotic. After that the book goes into a blah zone that it doesn’t really recover from leaving us with an anticlimactic and predictable ending leaving me doubtful that I will ever read this particular book ever again.

Book’s Blurb
A shy BBW teacher + a sexy billionaire wolf shifter + a mail-order bride company = a white-hot wedding!

I have three conditions:
1. I want to be married as soon as possible
2. I will move in with you, rather than having you come to live with me
3. You must agree not to ask any questions about my past

I realize that this situation is very unusual. Therefore if you accept my conditions, I am willing to pay you a million dollars, even if the relationship doesn’t work out.

That’s the email Robin Tucker, a small-town kindergarten teacher, receives one morning. The money would be nice, but being married to Austin Sullivan, the hottest man she’s ever seen, would be even nicer. She’s spent her life being too shy to take a chance on adventure, and Austin could show her a whole new world. But is he hiding a dark secret? Or could saying yes to his offer be the best decision she’s ever made?

Austin wants to leave his family of dangerous and dishonorable wolf shifters. A wife would be the perfect excuse to move away from home and start a new life. But once he meets Robin, sparks fly, and he realizes that she might be the mate he never believed he could find. Can he protect her when his brothers come looking for them both?

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