Crimal Case in the Death of My Daughter, Shantel Fugere, and Her Friend, Jake Wright Coshow

Shanny just hours before she was killed

My beautiful youngest daughter, Shantel Fugere, was killed on July 8th 2015 in a car crash and here I sit 13 months and 8 days later wonder what the hell is wrong with our legal system when the DA’s offices calls me and tells me that after all the hemming and hawing, for over a year, they have decided to accept a plea deal for Criminally Negligent Homicide as a opposed the 2nd Degree Manslaughter that DA Brad Berry said his office would fight for and nothing less.

A Secret Indictment for2 counts 1st Degree Manslaughter was the original charge and then after Kevin Milanez Gomez arrest we had a meeting with ADA Alicia Eagan who informed us that she had to offer a plea deal and was talking probation with stipulation or jail time. We told her we wanted him in prison for killing our daughter and her friend. She informed us that technically it was her decision and that she really didn’t need to tell us about it. We were unhappy with this and asked to speak with DA Brad Berry where he explained that it was about what they could prove in a trial and he was sure at that time that 2nd Degree Manslaughter was what they could get in a trial and listened as we expressed our dissatisfaction with Alicia. We called MADD and they made a number of suggestions that we followed (I am so thankful for them) and I wrote a letter to DA Brad Berry.

A meeting was called and he informed us that Alicia would stay on the case and that his office would not accept anything less than 2nd Degree Manslaughter and that it would go to trial before his office accepted anything less.

Now the DA’s office is accepting a plea deal that will give Kevin Milanez Gomez less than 3 year per charge,

Shanny showing us how to salute 

with good behavior instead of the Measure 11 mandatory 75 months that he would get with 2nd Degree Man Slaughter.

Can someone please explain to me how it can be ok for a 17-year-old kid who was smoking pot and driving without a license, and driving recklessly at that, can get a slap on the wrist for killing 2 innocent people when he blew through a clearly marked stop sign during his reckless joy ride?

Let not forget the botched investigation that was done by the ADA Alicia Eagan, who claims she was at the scene of the car crash that stole the life of my daughter and her friend Jake, and the County Sheriff’s office. Why wasn’t there a body search done at the scene then they would have probably found the pot on Kevin rather than just sitting in his ER room where one of his family members could save him by saying it was theirs and not his. And the lack of a search warrant for the blood work that was given to the crime lab. Then of course they didn’t even evaluate him at the scene for intoxication so no MIP or DUII was issued and the rumor is that he admitted to one first responder that he had been smoking pot with his girlfriend who was also in the car and in my book just a guilty as he. We live in a small town and people talk and of course we learned a lot more about the botched investigation from the ‘Settlement Judge’ they called in hoping we would agree to his ideas, yeah right, not happening, unlike the DA’s office we will stick to our guns and stand by the 2nd Degree Manslaughter, for Kevin Milanez Gomez that is temporary and he can live with that unlike my daughter who doesn’t get to live her life at all because he took it.

“Well he could be remorseful for what he’s done” NOPE don’t believe that either because if he or his girlfriend were truly sorry they would have TOLD THE TRUTH about what was going on in their car when they crashed into the car my daughter and her friend, Jake, were in.

What happens to the world when the people we trust to tell us the truth, turn around and lie at the expense of what is right and just.

The next hearing is this Thursday, August 18th, 2016 at 8:30 am at the Yamhill Court House NE 5th St in McMinnville, Court room 206

In Loving Memory of Our Shantel

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