Passion in Portland is 2 Weeks Away

Hey Everyone,

With all the drama going on in my life I nearly forgot that Passion in Portland is getting closer and closer. My first reminder was today when I found a post I shared a few days ago on my facebook page about this years event that had a video of last years Passion in Portland. Then I called my daughter and we were discussing getting extra raffle tickets. And then finally I got an email from Heather Carver asking to think up some questions for the brunch on Sunday, that is when it finally hit me, I need to write about this and remind EVERYONE about this amazing chance to interact with some of the nicest authors I have ever met.

My daughter, Kara and her friend, Katie going through Katie’s raffle winnings. 

This years Passion in Portland is a 3 day event that starts Firday, September 9th at 8:00 pm with a meet and greet. Book signing on Saturday, September 10 starting at 12:00 pm for all us crazy stalkers, who can’t wait to get in and talk with our favorite authors and who can’t wait for the general admition signing at 12:45. Finishing Sunday, Spetember 11 with the Bloggers Brunch at 10:00 am where we get even more time with our favorite authors and ask them questions, I am super excited about this part as I just recently learned what these wonderful authors would like to see in our reviews and I want to talk it over some more and take a few notes while I am at it.

I hope we see you there.


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