Our Grand Adventure To Passion In Portland / Raffle Drawing

Friday, September 9th to Sunday, September 11th

At the Meet and Greet

This Passion in Portland was a three-day event consisting of the Meet and Greet on Friday night where we all enjoyed some really yummy rich deserts, that my daughter, Kara, raised her eyebrows at when I brought us a plate to share, I am supposed to watch my sugar intake, hehehe. There was also karaoke, that I myself will never do, it was a lot of fun watch others getting into it. I myself enjoyed some great conversations with Heather Carver and R. J. Van Cleave.

Roslyn McFarland and Tess Thompson

The Book Signing took place on Saturday, where Kara kept vanishing on me and always turning up with a new book, she enjoyed telling people that she was my driver but the loved the benefits of this event. The first table I just had to hit was Brandy L. Rivers table, I REALLY wanted the first box set of Others of Edenton which I got along with the first box set of the spin off Other of Seattle. I also needed to find a few books to donate, to the book basket, for the auction for the senior grad night party in June. Thank so much to you authors, Roslyn McFarland, Tess Thompson and Kristen Kehoe, who charged me half price and donated to the cause, it was truly

Sierra Hill and my myself

appreciated by me and the person in charge of handling this fundraiser.

The Blogger’s Brunch took place on Sunday and Kara and I were joined by Erika who was coming home on leave, making it hard for me to decide which one I was excited about, Erika being home or the Blogger’s Brunch. I was really looking forward to this part of Passion in Portland because I had recently just learned that some Authors didn’t like how bloggers (me included) were writing up blurbs to add to our reviews. Some of those blurbs just give too much
away and I get it, I really do. Not sure what exactly I will do about that in the format of my reviews but I want these wonderful Authors to want to read my reviews about their books to I am willing to work with that. For the Authors part the listened to us about what we need from them to help promote their books when they come to us directly when they seek us out.

Me and R. J. Van Cleave

This year’s Passion in Portland was so amazing, Kara and I had a such a great time meeting the authors that recognized us from last year and the new authors that we hope to meet again next year.

Kara and R. J. Van Cleave
Myself and Susan Hatler
Virna dePaul and me
Susana Hatler, Kara, Virna dePaul

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