True Perfection (Aspire #2) by Allyson Young


May 2012
Siren Publishing Inc.
Author’s Page

Doesn’t seem that Haley can learn her lesson… NO BODY IS PERFECT so stop already.

What makes this book better than the first book in the series, hmmm. Good question? I don’t think much but then given that I am surprised at how many times I have this book and the first one and I still don’t get my fisination. I do like that Hailey actualy grew a pair and stuck to her guns. Of course Warren is still annoyingly childish with his whining and I really think he needs to grow a pair and man up, then maybe I could understand why he and Gordon are BFF’s and why Hailey loves him. Because right now I just don’t get it. Gordon I get he is confident and states it as he sees it with out whining or acting like a two-year-old (like Warren) lol he seems to be the only real adult in the relationship, I guess that makes Haley the rebeloius teenager. I think the best parts of this whole book, series even would be the bedroom scenes because nothing else really stands out for me. Wow, that brings me back to why did I read this series again? As to weather I delete this book or not remains to be seen, If I could I think I would trade it in for something else, after all I did pay for this book and it seems a shame to just delete it when it could be traded. The only other positive thing I can say about True Perfection is that I only found 2 edits in my version of this E-book, I am really grateful for that given how much I dislike how edits interrupt the flow of any story good or bad.

Book Cover Rating
This cover is decidely better than the cover on Near Perfection, the first book in the series.

Book’s Blurb
Haley Snider left her selfish Dom before and sought solace with his best friend. Gordon Sinclair facilitated Haley and Warren Chalmers’s reunion—with a twist. He proposed a menage relationship. But Haley isn’t so sure. She is afraid of getting hurt again and also wants to pursue her career and live her own life outside of the bedroom, something Warren hadn’t accepted before. She resists their attempts at building a relationship, and then tragedy strikes. Haley blames herself, believing she has been selfish, and her desperate, guilty feelings cloud her thinking. She won’t walk away this time, but will wait for Gordon and Warren to realize she has brought them too much trouble and tell her to leave. In the meantime she will try to make amends, reverting back to pretense. It takes considerable effort on their part to help Haley face reality and accept what she truly needs and deserves.

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