Craving the Alpha (Part 1) by Kate Kent

August 8, 2014
Paranormal Romance
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I was given this book for an honest review by Manic Readers

Kristen James got a summer job as a camp councilor at Camp Rocky and when she and another councilor are asked to stay and clean up, she does. At the end of the last day, she and her fellow councilors are fed a nice dinner and some serious moonshine. The next thing she knows werewolves exist and she has to choose between two of them. When she chooses Dorian over Markus she thinks she is choosing the more loving brother and it doesn’t take long to learn how wrong she is.

To be honest I never made it to the end and just could not get into. I thought the story line was lame but that Kate Kent took great care with her story because what I did read of this book had no edits that I could find. I just couldn’t get into this book and I tried several times.

Book Cover Rating
The cover caught my attention and I think it fits the book. I would give it a five-star rating for fitting Craving the Alpha

Book Blurb Rating
The Books Blurb is definitely the best part of Craving the Alpha and will go a long way in selling it.

Book’s Blurb
Part One of Craving the Alpha
Hot, hunky, and seething with raw sexuality, the two weremen in line to be the next Alphas of the Lycan clan are ready to mate.

Curvy Kristen James has no idea that her stint to earn money as a summer counselor at Camp Rocky is about to change her life forever. Taken by powerful weremen, she and the other counselors are forced to experience a whole new way of life as clan members, breeding, living, and loving in the Maryland and Pennsylvania mountains.

Forced to choose between the two wild and sensual werewolves, Dorian and Markus, Kristen’s hasty decision unleashes a frenzy of untamed lust, intense desire, and ferocious anger. As the two fight for her attention, Kristen’s craving for the were-man she has come to love grows deeper. But will the pride and passion of the two werewolves keep Kristen and her soul mate apart?

Craving the Alpha: Part One is an 18,000 word BBW paranormal werewolf shifter romance. It is the first book in the Craving the Alpha serial sharing Kristen James’s experiences with the Lycan tribe. It is part of the Lycan Lovers series.

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