A Bride for Two Tycoons: Part 1 The Courtship (The Male Order, Texas#1) by Ava Mitchell & Sydney Holiday


November 5, 2010
Siren Publishing
Word Count

Maddie is trying to save the youth center before it runs out of funds.

The problem with being behind in my writing of reviews and not behind in the reading is that when I get to the notes for a book I read and find that there are few to no notes and then I realize that I can barely remember what if anything I liked about said book. Which makes me think real hard because most of the books I have read I remember with clarity and especially my favorite parts. My favorite part of this story took place at the beginning at the fountain. Other than that, the story though fairly thorough is more of an introduction to all the players mixed in with some mostly steam worthy moments. What I think surprised me the most was the ending, because I know this is only the part one so I expected a cliff hanger but this book could be a stand-alone for the lack of a cliff hanger to hook you into a strong desire to read part 2.

I did read book 2 after finishing this book and will get that review out as soon as I can but for this book I think a three-star rating fits this book for the story line that was way less climatic than the sex scenes.

Book Cover Rating
After reading the book I looked at this cover for about five minutes and the male models do fit the story but the female model does fit how I picture Madeline. I can’t help thinking that the model is over dressed for who Madeline is.

Book’s Blurb
Determined to secure funding to save her non-profit, Madeline Spencer heads to Male Order, Texas, a town just east of Dallas known for its enormous wealth and generous philanthropists. Her first stop is Ellis Enterprises, and she hopes a corporate donation from the elite multinational company will help make her dream come true.

Unbeknownst to her, Male Order is menageamous and the powerful Ellis brothers are loaded in more ways than one. The moment Dalton and Garrett see her, there’s no denying their overwhelming urge to claim this single-minded and sensual woman who thinks a romantic entanglement can only be a liability.

During a whirlwind courtship the brothers introduce her to the lavish pleasures of a Male Order lifestyle but learn they don’t need to open their pocketbooks to open Madeline’s heart. They just have to convince her that mixing business with pleasure isn’t so bad after all.

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