Alien Warrior’s Wife (Brion Brides #2) by Vi Voxley


November 10, 2015
Vi Voxley
Sci Fi Romance
Author’s Page

Why is that when you find a series where the first book is really great and the next thing you know your attacking the whole series. This was my epiphany when I started this book. And as I usually have more than one book going at once it is no wonder I am so behind in my writing but I am catching up.

Alien Warrior’s Wife takes place primarily on the ship so them leaving the ship turned out to be my favorite part. The good news is I really like the characters but it seemed like Vi Voxley spent more time fleshing out Urenya than she did Narath so as you read this book you will get to know Urenya a lot more than you will Narath. Then of course there was the very hot sex that happens once and the masturbation in the shower was pretty steamy.

The storyline had lots of potential but given that this book was so focused on Urenya and Narath that the world that the author is creating with her series seems pretty one dimensional unlike the three-dimensional series that Lauranne Dohner writes, in her New Species books not every scene has the main characters that are being focused on adding to dimension to the series.

Book Cover
The attention to detail in the cover is very much like the first book in the series.

Book’s Blurb
Nothing quite like taste of death to make the heart grow fonder…

Urenya has been conditioned to be the best version of herself. As a healer, she is held in high regard. As the closest friend of one of the most fearsome generals in the Brion armies, she has a delicate role to play. Not only must she be wise and with hands that can heal any harm, but she must also act as a moral compass when the bloodlust of great men around her drive them wild.
But where does that leave her desires? And what if she needs her own damn warrior to fight and bleed for her, instead of standing up for herself on her own all the time?

Narath knows one thing – any problem can be solved with a spear. And not just a spear, but a spear in his very capable hands. Battle has always been in his blood and he could have never imagined that it would not be enough… Until laying his eyes on the sexy, curvy healer of the Triumphant. After that, he wants nothing more to use a very different spear, but with the same intent – to solve a problem.

Will Narath and Urenya realize what fate has in store for them at the right time, or will war tear them apart before they can ever really taste happiness?

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