Chelsea (The Club Girl Diaries #2) by Addison Jane

September 21, 2015
Author’s Page

Chelsea loves Optimus but she is at the end of her rope with his go away, come back attitude. Optimus wants to keep Chelsea safe but he may just loose her with his behavior.

I really liked how the author put this story together, it took a lot of thought and I bet a great deal of time. My favorite part of Chelsea was the point where Chelsea feels her time to leave the club has come. I think I was just as broken as Chelsea but then I was angry at Optimus for not manning up and stopping Chelsea. Then there was the trip to the strip club where Chelsea got a crash course in dancing. And lastly we cannot forget the sex scenes which were not screaming cold shower hot but they were definitely having a bed rocking good time so thank you for sharing.

What I didn’t like and will have a huge impact on the star rating, that I really want to give this story (five-star), are the edits. The worst edit was the word ‘study’ which should have been ‘studying’ in most cases, based on how the sentences were worded (example: “Just trying to get some study done.). I have run into this same exact edit way too many times that I am thinking that the author was either in a hurry to get the story done or she wasn’t concerned about her attention to details when it comes to editing, of which I found 27 editing issues, not sure if that is a record for me but it is up there. With all those edits the beautifully written five-star book will be brought down to a one-star.
If you are looking for an emotional roller coaster ride to go with you romance than Chelsea is the book ride for you. Some parts of this story were so sad that I think even my tablet got weepy. Then you have all the bad guys coming out to play and you never guess which ones are gunning for the club or even why. When all the pieces come together you’ll be ready to party with the club at the end and ready to read the next book if there is a next book.


“She’s mine for tonight, buddy!” I grinned. “Take your…ding-dong, and use your hand if you’re desperate.”—Chelsea

“It’s called a penis, Chelsea. P-e-n-i-s, penis!” —Kit

Book’s Blurb
Chelsea spent most of her life running.

She was young when her parents were killed, and she was thrown into the system as just another statistic. One foster home after another, hell after hell. When things got too hard, her first instinct was to get out and fast.

She didn’t mind being a club girl. Who wouldn’t want a group of possessive alpha males on your side and in your bed? The freedom and the lifestyle allowed her to spread her wings while the rules and bylaws kept everyone in line. It was comfortable – safe.

But while her head told her she was happy, her heart reminded her constantly of what she really wanted – Brothers by Blood President, Optimus. He was a brooding asshole who was sexy, loyal and pushed the boundaries of both her body and her mind. He never let her all the way in, but she still couldn’t stay away from him – he was addictive.

Optimus had only one rule – family comes first.

He knew that sometimes sacrifices needed to be made in order to keep the ones he loved safe. He’d done it before and he would do it again.

Being President of the Brothers by Blood MC meant he couldn’t show any weakness. His feelings for Chelsea were off the charts, but so far he’d managed to hide them and keep her at an arm’s length thinking he was protecting her. Beautiful, athletic and sassy, she wasn’t just another club girl, she was HIS girl.

Danger is fast approaching and Chelsea is in its direct sight. Will it be too late for Optimus to show Chelsea how he really feels? And when secrets are revealed will Chelsea stay and stand beside the man she wants or will the urge to run just be too strong?

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