New Beginnings (Others of Edenton Prequel) by Brandy L Rivers


December 22, 2013
Brandy L. Rivers
Paranormal Romance
Word Count
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Jess is a bad-ass woman who relocates to get away from one Alpha (before she kills him) only to fall into the lap of another Alpha, who her wolf instincts say is hers.

Wow, just wow!!! I haven’t cracked open an actual book since I got my tablet. But I got The Others of Edenton boxed set from Passion in Portland last September and figured that since I am no longer allowed to use my tablet while parked at the school waiting for my students (I can still take my tablet on trips with me though), that I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and took this book to work with me. The only real dilemma I had with this new circumstance is that when I came a crossed an area that needed an edit, I had no way of making notes because I just could not bring myself to violate a work of art with my pen or pencil so I am now carrying around a pad of post-it notes. Sorry for the babbling of my rabbit chasing but thank you for letting me get that out.

Now about New Beginnings, I really liked Jess, Slater and Brody. The preconceived rules that both Slater and Jess have imposed on themselves certainly made the whole courtship interesting and I was certain that Jess was going to kick Slater in the balls although I think Liam’s bizarre behavior towards Jess saved Slater his balls. Liam is the definite ass-hat in the story but Jess, being the bad-ass in her own right running out a back door to get away from him confused me as much as I think it confused Jess herself because it was the only contradiction to her personality. I also really liked the steamy lake scene that was more like a claiming between Slater and Jess. Back to Liam, I think that was one wolf that should have been put down for turning rabid, I would really like to know what triggered his downward spiral because I am almost convinced that it was something that happened long before what Brody and Slater think it was. I was expecting a lot steam after reading Nights Embrace but there wasn’t as much action in the this one, someone was obviously getting something but it wasn’t as graphically steamy but not disappointing.

I suspect I will be reading this book again someday and look forward to it so the five-star review that I want to give this book would be justified except for the edit that I found but thankfully those edit only reduce my rating by one star.

Book Cover Rating
I decided to write the review for each individual book in the series as I get to it rather than review it as a boxed set so I will place the cover of each book with the review as well as the boxed set cover. Because I am quite certain I will be reading the whole series over time. So, for this part to work my rating of the cover will be based on what I think of the cover for each individual book. However, I want to state now that I do really like the boxed set’s cover very much.

Book’s Blurb
Jess knew her life would never move forward if she remained a part of Gregory’s pack. Some Alpha’s just don’t know how to take care of their wolves. She had managed Gregory’s bar for years but she knew he would never sell it to her.

After one giant mistake, he went from bad to worse. As a psychic, she knew it was a downward spiral.

Taking her future in her own hands, she contacts the Alpha in Edenton. He is happy to sell the empty bar no one has the time, nor desire to renovate, much less run.

Their attraction is unexpected and the last thing either want, but they find the only thing they need in each other.

There is just one problem. Slater’s second in command is plotting against him. Liam will use anything to take over as Alpha.

Plenty of werewolves, an old vampire flame, plus a paranoid second, and don’t forget the psychic with a whole lot of attitude.

Sometimes to move forward you need to seek a new beginning.

As a psychic, Jess Abrams knew pack life would fall into a downward spiral if she stayed after a drunken mistake. Her alpha was never going to sell her the bar she’d managed for years, and sleeping with him only ensured he would treat her worse. Taking life by the reins, she decides on a fresh start.

Edenton’s Alpha is more than happy to sell the vacant bar to the new werewolf. Years ago Slater lost his first mate. Now he avoids dating his wolves to prevent possible heartache.

Their attraction is unexpected and the last thing either wants. Resisting their obvious connection may prove impossible.

There’s a problem. Someone is plotting against Slater, wanting to take the pack for himself. He’ll use anything, or anyone, to achieve his goal.

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