Billionaire Husband by Sam Crescent


November 16, 2015
Evernight Publishing
Contemporary Erotica
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Addie’s family and Shaun’s family decided that they would be stronger together and arranged for this to happen by making Shaun marry Addie who feels she was the second choice little does she know how far off the mark she is.

Let’s try this yet again, and yes, writing this review is not proving to be easy because there is the three-year silent, arranged for money marriage and the self-centered crazy ass parents. I can’t decide which one to start with but then I start thinking about the steamy bedroom scenes and want to take a break with my husband in the bedroom. Then that brings me to a question that just popped into my head that I actually did ask my husband. That questions being ‘do men really need to have anal sex with their women to really feel like they are claiming them as theirs or is it a writer’s thing?’ His response was no it is not necessary for claiming the woman, so it must be an author thing. Don’t get me wrong because the scene was hot but I have a curious mind and when questions like that pop into my head I just have to ask. Now about those crazy ass parents, I am thinking they would get along great with Andrew Wyatt (the poster parent of bad parents) from Blackmailed by Annmarie Mckenna. Because the fact that Shaun and Addie’s parents could stoop so low as to sell them out to the press just because they care more about what they want then what their children need and want puts them on that poster with Andrew Wyatt. I really didn’t like the parental units they are truly horrible unfeeling jerks. Now for the three years of silence in the marriage, how the hell did they do that, I had a hard time deciding who I felt sorrier for, Shaun or Addie, because they are both downed to earth and I really do like them both, so I kept wishing that they were both adopted and that they both had better parents out there.

Sam Crescent is an amazing author who has written a very readable book that I will more than likely read again. I had planned to give this book a four-star rating only Billionaire Husband has a few edits that bring the rating down to a three-rating.

Book Cover Rating
I keep going back to look at the cover of Billionaire Husband and I can see that the cover artist was going for steamy to cover the fact that the female model does not fit the physical description of Addison.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb definitely sold me on Billionaire Husband.

Book’s Blurb
Shaun and Addison married to secure the future of their families’ respective billion dollar companies. They’re expected to stay married, and produce children. In the beginning, Addison waited for Shaun, but when she saw it was going to be a loveless marriage, she found passions elsewhere in her cooking.

Shaun had hoped for a good marriage. When he discovers his wife is as cold as her family, he only stays long enough to do his duty as a husband. When he sees his wife on a television interview, he discovers a whole new side to Addison that he’d only hoped existed.

Away from their families, can these two people find true love? Shaun is determined to be more than a billionaire husband, but can Addison allow herself to fall for a man she knows nothing about?

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