A Warrior’s Heart (Gift of the Acients #1) by Bianca D’Arc


June 15, 2010
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Paranormal Romance
Word Count
Author’s Page

I could say A Warrior’s Heart is your typical mundane little sister falls for big brother’s best friend story or even your typical every day military romance but if that were true I probably would not have finished the book the first time I ever read it. Thankfully this story is even better than the mundane and I would be hard pressed to find one this engrossing that I stick with it over and over again even with how many times I have read it.

Casey’s heart is so invested in Hal that I seriously doubt there would ever be a committed long-term relationship with anyone else, so why she seemed reluctant or nervous about it when that door opened was kind of surprising. Then again, one could argue that the male alpha vibe that he is sending out is over whelming and enough to make any woman nervous, but the things is, I don’t think Hal was coming on all that strong to make her take a step back but she almost did.

Because of the way A Warrior’s Heart is written I need to be really careful about how detail I share about what I enjoyed because saying to much will give a lot away and I really want you to read the story and judge for yourselves if it’s a good book or not. I do want the author to know that I not only loved the bedroom scenes I really loved the Dolphins, that was truly an amazingly cool scene. I do think more could have gone into one of the scenes with Casey’s brother and I really think Jeeves is my favorite side character. The story is well edited so there were no bumps in the road to throw off the flow and my only note was and I quote “I wish there was a book 2 in the series’.

Book Cover Rating
The cover is nothing to get excited about and I didn’t really look at the newer cover because this is the cover that came with the edition of A Warrior’s Heart that I own so this is the one I will rate. The cover maybe bland but what’s inside is anything but.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb is what originally sold me on this book however once you are in the story you will find somethings weren’t played out like you would expect in the larger scheme of the story line.

Book’s Blurb
Hal’s best-friend status with Casey’s brother always meant that the one woman he wants is strictly off limits. But now that he’s back from a harrowing mission in the ancient Iraqi city of Babylon, all bets are off. The strangely mystical experience left him and his Special Forces team with a new appreciation for life—and strange new abilities they are only beginning to understand.

Casey never thought she’d have a shot with the strong, silent Green Beret. Something about him has changed, though, and old feelings have risen up, demanding an answer. And her answer is an unequivocal yes. Now, to break the news to her brother and hope it doesn’t come to blows.

Her brother’s reaction becomes the least of her worries when Hal singlehandedly stops a car from running her down, then falls into her arms, weak from some kind of strange reaction. Whatever went down in Iraq has changed Hal and made him a target of foreign agents who’ve found his one vulnerability…Casey.

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