The Wallflower (Halle Pumas #1) by Dana Marie Bell


April 15, 2008
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Paranormal Romance
Author’s Page

Well, here we go again, they say the third time is a charm we shall see. I seem to be having difficulty with writing and for a change it has nothing to do with a lack of what to say and more about freezing software and forgetting to save when taking a break. Then there was my crazy job and the messed-up sinus infection that spent two weeks trying to kick my sorry ass. Now I am feeling better and ready to get writing and I really have a lot to write about. But I am doing this really insane thing that started with reading The Wallflower which is the first book in the Halle Pumas series, which is connected to the Halle Shifters series and the Poconos Pack Series, and has me currently on Bear Necessities.

I chose to re-read The Wallflower because I really love Emma and Max, they make laugh and lighten my mood significantly when I am alone with my heavy thoughts, be alone is a hard thing these days but visiting with some good characters and chase away blues. Emma’s not always so appropriate comments and Max’s Ricky Ricardo like response when he says her name are hilariously entertaining. Then there is Emma when she is in her bad ass mode, she does pack a punch for the tiny person that she is which just proves that the tiny are mighty and one really should not piss them off. By the way ladies, in case you have not read The Wallflower yet, Max’s last name is Cannon and if you get the innuendo then you will have to read the story to find out if he lives up to his name because even though I tell you the story does have steamy moments and some interesting foreplay, I think it is only appropriate that Emma tell you herself about him living up to his name or not (lol).

Then we have Livia, who maybe should be an elephant instead of a puma since she can sure hold a grudge or maybe she is just jealous. Either way that phsyco bitch really needs to be committed so she can deal with her stalking issues which obviously stem from her delusions that she should be the Curana because I honestly don’t think love for Max has anything to do with her desire to mate with him. Livia’s break from reality was pretty epic and probably predicable but what really surprised me was her lack of intelligence when it came to her methods, I mean I figured she was a come-at-you-head-on type of person not a come-at-you-sideways type person.

The Wallflower is definitely one of my favorite stories and my only real complaint is that it can easily be read in a day or if it is really quiet with no disruption half a day. Either way it deserves a five-star and on that note, I know that there is a new edition of The Wallflower and given that I am seriously curious to see if there are any rewrites or addition you will probably see this review again but for the newest edition which was published by Dana Marie Bell.

“Because Wallflowers has been known to suck the testosterone out of every single male who’s ever entered.”—Simon

“But if he hurts her, I’ll scoop out his nuts with a grapefruit spoon.” —Emma
I had a hard time choosing which quote I want to share and it was a toss-up between this quote and the other one about a goat emasculator.

My Previous Review
I absolutely love this series and always keeping coming back to it as well as the Halle Shifter series and the Poconos Pack series. I really like how these series all tie together and the characters make appearances in all three series. I hope there will be more books for the Halle Pumas series as well.

Book’s Blurb
Emma Carter has been in love with Max Cannon since high school, but he barely knew she existed. Now she runs her own unique curio shop, and she’s finally come out her shell and into her own.

When Max returns to his small home town to take up his duties as the Halle Pride’s Alpha, he finds that shy little Emma has grown up. That small spark of something he’d always felt around the teenager has blossomed into something more—his mate!

Taking her “out for a bite” ensures that the luscious Emma will be permanently his.

But Max’s ex has plans of her own. Plans that don’t include Emma being around to interfere. To keep her Alpha, Emma must prove to the Pride that she has what it takes to be Max’s mate.

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