His Mate and Her Vampire by A. B. Lee


August 14, 2013

I am sitting in an Oral Surgeons office in Beaverton waiting with my son for his oral torture in the form of wisdom teeth removal, yep, all four must go, poor kid. Thankfully, we got a dentist that knows his stuff. I figured this would be a good time to get a review done, since I seem to be at my best when I’m not at home. So I will eventually have to pop out to take Jerod home but there will be a review out sometime today, preferably before my dinner date with my awesome husband. We are going to Carlton to Coast, it’s a new restaurant in Carlton they we have been eager to check out.

His Mate and Her Vampire is a humorous story about Devlin finding his mate only to have to chase her after her while she is on a road trip with her vampire friend with benefits indulging in said benefits. It’s a good thing that Devlin and Jackson both really want to keep Sabine safe for the fight would be epic in so many ways, I mean really, the Alpha od Alpha wolves (King of the wolves) and the oldest living vampire, that would be one hell of a fight if it happens. As it is, someone else is after Sabine for their own nefarious reasons so working together is what is needed.

The question that really plagues me is which was better the car sex or the mating sex, both have the potential to leave a person panting. Of course, there is the addition of the fact that Sabine got two guys to pound her brains out in one night, damn, that left me wondering what would have happened if wolves weren’t so territorially possessive and could stand vampires scent. Sabine probably would have been in heaven, lol.

My only real complaint with His Mate and Her Vampire was the 15 edits that I found in this story, that ranged from missing words to typos. I think in this case the typos were the worse because a couple of them created words that made no sense in the sentences they were in… (Sorry for the pause, but my son’s wisdom teeth are pulled and we are home) So, where was I? Oh yes, the blasted edits which have been known to ruin complete stories because of their ill-timed placement. As I was saying the typos changed the word completely for example the author used ‘amble’ instead of ‘ample’ now this would be no cause for concern except for the fact she was discussing Sabine’s breast so now the question is, are Sabine’s breast slow moving or more than enough? This is why spell check should not be the only mode of editing.

I have read this story twice and really do like that it makes me laugh and I really want to give it a five-star rating but my problem is the 15 edits and it kills me to have to think it, say it and now write it but I am giving His Mate and Her Vampire a two-star rating. A. B. Lee, I have read many of your stories and loved them all so please understand that it was the edits that did it in and NOT your story telling.


“Jackson, you know it would take a week for your scent to wash off me where Grace was concerned. Now stop being such a bitch and just get us there will you?”—Sabine. It was true he was sounding like a bitch.

“You want love, Jackson. Go pay for it. I’m sure there’s more woman than even you can get through in your lifetimes just waiting for a slice of Jackson Pope’s dick.”—Sabine. I chose this one because I liked it and because it is example of the editing the needs doing, the word women would have fit better than woman.

Book Cover Rating
The cover of His Mate and Her Vampire looks more like a cover for a report of some kind rather than a book cover. In this case, thankfully, judging a book by its cover would not be a good thing.

Book’s Blurb
Sabine and Jackson Pope have a history.

She is the Queen of the Fae and he is one of the oldest Vampires in history.
When Sabine encounters Devlin, the Alpha of Alpha’s, she senses trouble coming her way and Pope is only too happy to come to her rescue.

But Devlin isn’t the trouble that’s waiting for her. Can the Alpha and the Vampire work together to keep Sabine alive, or will their love for her be her undoing?

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