Bear-Ly Loved by M. L. Briers & A. B. Lee


May 10, 2017
Paranormal Romance
Word Count

My last day of work has come a gone this week and now with the anticipation of starting a new job next week I am ready to tackle this review.

Bear-ly Loved implies that it is focused on Bonnie and Karl and for the most part it is but there is also Jenny and Bailey. So basically, you have a vampire and a bear who meet Bonnie and Jenny and discover the women are their mates. Granted this makes for a great story but you have two couples not one deciding if they want to be together but you only give one couple the lime light in the blurb, that seems a little unfair, especially when both couples are so totally loveable.

Karl makes me think he would be the perfect teddy bear, he may growl but deep down he is a big old lovable softie. Then there is Bailey and for some strange reason listening to him puts me in mind of Chris Rock being the actor if this story ever became a movie. Then there is the food loving Jenny who needs to decide if she wants immortality with her fun-loving vampire or her life in the big city without her best friend who unfortunately is the one holding the elephant in the story and we will get to that in a second. Jenny would love to see her friend happy a gain and not ruled by fear, I think her desire to see her friend get her life back is commendable but I am also glad she wasn’t the pushy type or I think I would had not liked her.

So, now we come to the character with the elephant in the book, Bonnie, she is running scared thanks to a sick psycho stalker. I am giving Bonnie her own paragraph because I think that the stalking in this story points to a serious issue that many people face in this country and I would like to say for sure that the authors portrayed it well in the story but I have never met a stalking victim so I cannot say how accurate they were in the creation of such a victim but did seem like there was effort in creation of Bonnie and her fear of men.

Over all the story line was pretty cohesive and the only real bump in the road for the whole thing were the twelve edits that created some hefty speed bumps in getting to the end, for that reason I am thinking a three star-review is warranted, even though I loved the characters.

I picked this quote because everyone one of my girls would disagree with this statement, especially my daughter, Shanny, who I am convinced believed that coffee could make the world a better place and I positive she would have proven her theory in time if she could.

“Woman cannot live by coffee shop products alone…”—Bonnie

I think my biggest complaint to date about the author’s, M. L. Briers and A. B. Lee, themselves, is their reclusiveness, I mean they don’t even have authors pages. They have gained a following and to be honest I like sharing my reviews with the authors so they know what I came away with from their stories such as if there are too many edits, so that if they like I can share where I found them so they can fix those before I read their book again and potentially also change my opinion based on if the rating was based on the editing issues I found. Am email address or a Facebook page would be a nice way to connect with those of us who love your books, please, shoot, even and Amazon author page we could follow would be wonderful so we could watch for up

Book Cover Rating
I think this cover is a vast improvement on the previous covers that had just a different colors cover with just the title on it. So even though it does not 100% match the book it is still a better cover then some of their past covers.

Book Blurb Rating
So here is the thing about the blurb, it is about long but is also a bit in accurate because Bear-ly Loved may be focused on Karl and Bonnie however that is not the total focus of this book because there is also the romance between Bailey and Jenny.

Book’s Blurb
When he was wrong then he’d say he was wrong, but he was never wrong, and that human female was an idiot.

Karl had done the neighbourly thing and gone over to lend a hand as they moved in. One female was nice and welcoming, and he got the feeling that the other one didn’t like shifters. That was no skin off his nose, until he’d had to rescue her from herself, and he’d taken her scent – a mate – his mate. Somehow he knew that the bad news didn’t end there.

All Bonnie wanted was to be left alone. She’d moved to the middle of nowhere to get away from people after being stalked by a madman. Now she had more trouble than she might have been able to handle in the form of the sex, hot shifter Werebear that lived next door.

Little did Bonnie know that her troubles were only just beginning and maybe that hot bear with a sore head was the only one that could save her.

Join in the fun with an all new white hot sexy werebear as he tries to woo his mate – not kill his snarky vampire sidekick – and save the day.

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