Dreams (Love Don’t Come Easy #1) by Allyson Young


December 23, 2013
Siren Publishing
Word Count
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At first, I wasn’t sure I liked Cassie because she really comes a crossed as a snivel butt whiner and to a degree she was when it came to her personal life but at least her professional life is on track. Then as she said hell no to the shoddy treatment she got from Tyler She slowly gained my respect and it grew with her continued no’s. However, I will admit to rooting for Tyler as well as the book continued.

I am really, curious about one thing though, what is Laurie’s story. I was hoping the Allyson Young was going to spill it but now I am hoping she plans to share it in a book about Laurie’s story, because I am positive it will be an entertaining and heartbreaking tail.

Dreams story line was well written, and one scene flowed smoothly into the next with little or no hiccups that are usually caused by missed edits. The title, Dreams, confounds me though because I don’t understand how it fits maybe the author will explain it someday because to me it doesn’t fit the story.

I found the best quotes in this book and I hope you find the time to read the book to see them in the full context they were written in so they will make sense. I can tell you they are in the same conversation between Cassie and Laurie and my favorite part of the whole book.

“You are so fucked tonight, Cassie,”—Laurie

“Well, someone should be,”—Cassie

Book Cover Rating
The cover at first glance fits the book but then I took a second look to rate the cover and the models themselves fit it the book but the cloths on the female model seem out of place from what Cassie would normally ware and it certainly does not match anything she did ware in the story. The background is also not a match for the story line so I am not sure what the publisher or the photographer where trying do but they could have done better.

Book’s Blurb
Cassie Forsythe despairs of ever meeting the man of her dreams. Short and voluptuous, men treat her like a little doll. She longs for a strong man to boss her in the bedroom while respecting her abilities outside of it—as she longs for a different career, one she abandoned when money was more important than dreams.

Love at first sight? Impossible. Except there’s no other explanation where this woman is concerned. Dom or not, his famed control means nothing compared to the way Cassandra makes Tyler Sholdice feel, despite his preference for short term relationships.

Overwhelmed, he withdraws from her and Cassie runs, horrified she’s scared another man away—this time a Dom! Tyler must win Cassie no matter the cost or effort. When he is willing to sub for her, she recognizes his true heart and her place in it.

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