The Paintbrush Murders by Cia Leah

February 28th 2011
Cia Leah
Author’s Page

Made to Klamath Falls where Doug and I saw a Dutch Bros and knew we were in Oregon again. We still 4 hours to go before getting home and are hoping to get lunch in Eugene before hopping on I5 for the finale push for home.

I wrote this review a few years ago but like a number of others, I pulled it so I could bring it up to speed with what I was doing my blog.

Wow, I am so tempted to not write this review just because I don’t like writing negative reviews. I really was disappointed with this book, after reading five of Cia Leah’s other books. I am really surprised that I finished it but I think I was hoping it would pick up and get better, it never did 😦

The plot was good but the characters had no depth to them, it was ‘Oh I am the next victim, ok’ to ‘well, I guess your next, I will try to protect you’ blah blah blah. Where was the passion? And the end even with the plot twist was anti climatic. My heart didn’t race with the fear of suspense :(. I did delete this book from my library.

I know you can do better Cia Leah.

Book Cover Rating
Best part of the book.

Book Blurb Rating
Short for a short book

Book’s Blurb
Photographer, artist, Chelsea Darvers receives vivid paintings of a murder. When she receives one of herself, she knows she is next on the killer’s list.

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