Stacy’s Destiny (The Town of Pearl #2) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer


November 2, 2011
Siren Publishing
Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM
Word Count
Author’s Page

I finally finished Stacy’s Destiny for the third time and I really don’t have much to add but I do have one issue that I over looked in the past and that was the edits but they were not that bad so shouldn’t take much away from the rating.

Original part of this review
It took me longer to read this book on the second time around, I think that was because I am reading another book at the same time and I really just wanted to savor the read this time. You know how i is, when you get into a book and you don’t want put the book down or might miss something (it’s almost like watching a new episode of your favorite TV show). I will most likely read this one again, I really like stories where the woman won’t give up without a fight, rather than just sitting there waiting to be rescued. And Stacy sure can put up a fight 🙂

Stacy is physically abused, almost sexually assaulted and stalked by her crazy ass boss so her friend tricks her into going to Texas to get her out of line of fire (smart friend). In Texas she falls in love with twin brother.

In this day where sexual harassment happens daily I think it is great that a writer can put a face on it without making the woman look totally weak and defenseless. I really did like hour Stacy broke her boss’ nose, to bad she could get a nut shot in as well.

Favorite Quotes

“I’m the new cook, Chuck, not the new fuck toy. So maybe you’d like to haul ass out of here and let someone who knows what they’re doing cook.”—Stacy

“Is this where we drop our pants and have a pissing contest just to see who’s going to be the better cook?”—Stacy

Book Cover
The cover is definitely steamy but it does imply that Stacy’s Destiny is all about sex when it is not. The characters are my real issue because they seem off, while the back ground does fit they seem out of place.

Book’s Blurb
Stacy’s on the run after being assaulted. She heads to the town of Pearl as she copes with her fears from the attack. The last thing she expects to find in this storybook town filled with kind people and not-so-typical relationships is her destiny in the arms of Max and Eric Cantrell.

Eric and Max meet Stacy in the same day but at different times. Instantly they are attracted to her and feel that she may be the one they have been waiting for. Trouble is, Stacy’s from New York and has a past that has her wary of men in general. But the heat between the three is out of control, and once they get a taste, Max and Eric are set on keeping her. When trouble comes looking for their woman, they’re ready to fight and willing to risk everything to protect her.

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