Yeah for Saturday

Wow, the last few weeks I have been on the run, well actually life has been really busy since I started
Doug on the drive home from camping last weekend

the new job back in February. The last two weeks were the hardest because it felt like I wasn’t getting to bed until midnight and I barely had the energy to just turn on my computer to check our blogs.

Last weekend we went on an adventurous camping trip with my sister and her family.  Just to get there was a challenge the minute we brought our camper home from the farm. My husband found signs of unwanted squatters in the toy hauler, so there was the major cleaning extravaganza. My husband took on the challenge, while I did all the running to get what was needed to deter future squatters from trying to move in. It seemed like there was a new list of stuff that was needed and the laundry seemed never ending, between the toy hauler stuff and the daily laundry, I wasn’t sure we would be ready to go in time. Thankfully, I married a miracle worker.
Doug’s turn to drive the side by side last weekend
This last week we had just as much going on in addition to hectic goings on at our day jobs, that by the time I got home I was too exhausted to even touch my laptop. Needless to say, I am grateful that we finally made it to Saturday and that my husband is currently driving us to Tillamook and from there to Lincoln City where the best crab shack in the state is located.    
In addition to my already crazy activity list, I have taken over some of the writing responsibilities for my husband’s blog so he has more time for creating art. I have also agreed to run the Facebook page for his art studio, which I hope to set up this weekend. So, between that and Shanny’s Run sites, I think I should be pretty busy most evenings for a while until things settle down to a regular routine.
I want to take some more writing classes and a few computer classes at some point but if I do I think I want to take them online. I think with how busy my life is daily, I think that would be the easiest way to get the job done as far as classes go.  

Trip exhausted from camping last weekend

I did finish a book a couple of weeks ago and will, with luck, have that review up this weekend baring any topsy turvy happenings. I did get my notes moved from my tablet to my laptop, so I am making progress. Now it’s just about putting my thoughts together, which is always an adventure. I think my biggest problem is deciding what I need to read next, which is a huge challenge with and ever-growing library and a huge reading list. So many books and so little time to get through them.
Happy Reading
First view of the ocean today
Our selfie of us with the ocean

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