Two years ago, today DDA Alicia Eagan stood up in front of Judge Stone and told him that she had no evidence or witnesses and that only half of the victims’ families and friends wanted a trial. In both cases she lied, there was only one family member from Jake’s family that didn’t want a trial. We were all ready to take it all the way to the wall and the DDA preferred to talk a big talk then turn around and stab the victims in the case in the back. DDA Alicia Eagan said she a tried a lot of cases like the crash that killed Shanny and Jake and that she could get a conviction that would be a Measure 11 sentence which would have been mandatory without parole. DA Brad Berry promised us he would settle for nothing less then a Measure 11 sentence and he to talked a big talk and didn’t keep his word. They should both be ashamed of themselves for being such dishonest public officials.

Here is the thing that really kills us, there was a street racing crash a few months later and someone died in that crash. The driver of the at fault car was sentenced to 12 years for first-degree manslaughter, the same measure 11 offense that Kevin Milanez-Gomez was charged with. The person in the street racing accident injured 2 people and killed one person and he got 12 years oh and his friend got just over six years for his part in the street race. While Kevin Milanez-Gomez only got just over six years with time off for good behavior for killing 2 people while driving without a license and under the influence of marijuana that he should never have had in the first place because he was 17 years old and blowing threw a stop sign. The Sheriff’s office didn’t even issue any tickets DUII, MIP or reckless driving. The difference between the street racer case and Kevin’s case… One of the street racers victims’ (who happened to be in the racers car) mother work for the Yamhill County Court House… makes you think don’t it? Why did they give due diligence to one and not the other?

The there is of course Kevin’s accomplice in all of this, Dianna Muńiz. Based on her social media sites it is clear that the death of my child and her friend has done nothing to curb her parting and that she clearly could careless that she and Kevin took two lives and deprived families and friends of two special young people who deserved to live. I should not be surprised, after all she cared so little that she was willing to lie about smoking pot when asked about it for both her and Kevin and the legal system called her a victim even knowing that Dianna was in a car she knew she had no business being because she knew Kevin was unlicensed. Dianna should be in prison as well for her part in the deaths of Shanny and Jake.

Kevin and Dianna, why did you kill Shanny and Jake?


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