Her Prince Charming by Sam Crescent


September 27, 2018
Evernight Publishing
Contemporary Romance
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Her Prince Charming was a slower moving story compared to some of Sam’s other stories. I felt that the slow movement of the story was appropriate because of Violet’s age but there was still something about the story that left me disappointed (I am not sure if that is the right word either). Don’t get me wrong, I was sucked into the story but when it was all said and done I didn’t feel excited and eager to read it again like I usually do after reading a Sam Crescent book. I could attribute this feeling to how sad I have been feeling the last few years and revisit Her Prince Charming again in the future but I am honestly not sure if that will work as I don’t see it being one of my favorite Sam Crescent books.

Violet, Penelope and Brendan are likable characters but out of the three of them I am thinking Penelope is the one with the nose for excitement and trouble and I liked her more than the other two. The sex scenes (I would say bedroom scenes but most didn’t happen in the bedroom) were semi graphic and tastefully done in a way that made them more of a sweet and romantic element of the book and not the whole darn story by taking up 3 or 4 chapters.

I really should not have read this book yet but it is Sam Crescents newest book, not that I usually get to read new releases right away, but hey, I couldn’t help myself, Sam Crescent is on of my favorite authors. There three more books from her that I am currently itching to read so you will probably see them posted soon, because I am not sure I can wait to long to dive into them.

Book Cover Rating
The way the cover looks makes me think I am getting into a dark romantic thriller or something but that really not what you get once you open the cover.

Book’s Blurb
For as long as Violet Robinson can remember she has been in love with her best friend’s older brother, Brendan Archer. But she is only ten years old, and he breaks her heart by rejecting her, just before moving away.

Eight years later, Brendan knows he’s got to keep an eye on his sister and her best friend, Violet, when they move overseas for college. He has always felt bad about breaking Violet’s heart, but he was tired of her following him around. He wasn’t interested in little girls.

Only, Violet’s no longer a girl. She’s a woman. Now he wants her and knows he can’t have her.
Or can he?

In a different country, Violet misses home. The only constant in this new place is Brendan. Being around him awakens all the feelings she’s been trying to deny. Falling into bed is a big mistake, but fall she does.

Brendan knows what a gem he’s found, and he feels damn lucky that she now belongs to him.

But what will happen when he finds out she’s pregnant? Will he be her prince charming now, or will he turn his back on her?

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