Plenty To Come (Plenty, Fl #1) by Lara Valentine


March 28, 2012
Siren Publishing
Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M
Word Count

I bought Plenty To Come a few years ago after reading a copy that a friend had. I had originally planned to read the series and that is still very much in my plan but with so many books to read I wonder if I will have time to read every book in my ever-growing library. It is a good thing that most of my library is digital because that many books would not fit in my house.

Stalking is serious crime with long term repercussions for the victims because of that I felt that the author could have done a better job of writing Cassie. Yes, her psycho, dirt bag stalker was in jail but that doesn’t automatically take away the trauma of the incidents that led her to relocate to Plenty. I am sure that Lara Valentine pictured Cassie as a strong woman and with her friend would be able to over come all the bad but the truth is Cassie isn’t super woman and the crimes against her weren’t that far in her past so there probably should have been more signs of residual trauma and maybe a therapist in the picture. I could be wrong because I honestly have never met anyone who had a stalker but it seems to me that it would be very stressful and incredible traumatic with a little long-term PTSD or something in the mix and there were no real signs of that even when the shit for brains stalker got free.

I didn’t notice any edits as I read through Plenty To Come making a smooth read. I am not sure if I will read this story for a third time or even keep this story in my library. If I could I would probably pass it on to a friend to try or trade it in for a new e-book or donate it to the library but since I can’t do any of those things so deleting a book, which seems blasphemous, maybe my only other option. I do intend to read the other books in the series and hope they are worth my efforts.

“Don’t baby her, Chase. She needs to help, and then maybe, if she is a very good girl, we will take her back to bed for some hanky-spanky.” Zach smirked at her.

“You know, Chase, I think she did tell you to screw yourself like a lightbulb. I don’t like that dirty mouth, either. Perhaps we need to show Her Highness how to behave on a national holiday?”—Zach

Book Cover
The cover of Plenty To Come is absolutely horrible. It not only looks badly photo-shopped but the models, who look more like very young high schoolers, don’t even come close to resembling the older, sexually active, characters in the story.

Book’s Blurb
Giving up on the big city, Cassie moves to the tiny town of Plenty, Florida. Falling in love with Zachary and Chase Harper was easy. They ignite a fire inside her hotter and brighter than the Florida sun.

Intense and dominating Zachary Harper and his brother, charming and playful Chase, are tired of casual relationships and one-night stands. They’re looking for a woman they can share their life with, together. When they meet Cassie, they immediately feel that this woman just might be the one. Cassie is just as drawn to them, feeling safe and loved in their strong arms.

But not everyone is glad about Cassie’s newfound safety and happiness. Can Zachary and Chase keep Cassie safe when her past shows up and wants her dead?

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